Please Explain to Me How First-Degree Murder is “Pro-Life”

In comments elsewhere this is somehow evidence for how Christians are so persecuted in America.

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3 Responses to Please Explain to Me How First-Degree Murder is “Pro-Life”

  1. Michael says:

    Note to the media: the word you’re looking for is TERRORIST. It is permissible to apply this word to non-brown people.

  2. Oh, the irony that those who quietly applaud such horrible acts may not even fathom. Christians seem to conveniently confuse persecution with valid criticisms of their emotions-based beliefs. Granted, not all are celebrating this, but enough do that it is difficult not to notice, and that is grotesque to me.

  3. edosan says:

    Sort of weird that the “pro-life” thing only seems to apply to the unborn.