New Music Post Up!

Go take a trip to 1986!

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2 Responses to New Music Post Up!

  1. Stewart says:

    Love the new layout, Dave. That picture of you from high school is insane.

    I would like to know how you physically produced these mix tapes- like what kind of equipment you had, how you learned to hook it all up, etc. Nowadays its so easy to instantly hammer out a playlist on iTunes, but I can definitely dig the dedication required to generate the mixes way back in the day. Did you have one of those classic Sony Discman players once CDs came out?

    My own “mix tapes” were nowhere near as hip and well thought-out as yours, but I can remember holding a tape recorder up to my transistor radio, trying to keep quiet as I primitively recorded Kool and the Gang off of Mighty 690 AM…

  2. April says:

    Far be it from me to criticize the presence of Asia on your 1980s tape. I first discovered the eponymous LP at the home of a family I babysat for, and I recorded it on tape using their equipment. I then drew a copy of the dragon to make my own tape sleeve. Very soon thereafter I bought not only Asia Asia but Asia Alpha and Asia Astra. And though my husband will adamantly disagree, I think this power pop does not get its due–incredibly catchy (detractors will say infectious) with a liberal use of harmonic chords, which is hard to come by in a lot of pop. Who can refuse the “Heat of the Moment?”

    As for Sting, I absolutely refuse to hear a syllable against this object of my high school and college affection, despite his occasionally goofy later lyrics and oft-times pretentiousness. Anyone who alludes to Scylla and Charibdis in his music and still manages to sell millions of albums should be revered. Plus, he’s hot.