Membership Has Its Privileges

I’ve generally supported the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund in more-or-less selfish ways. Instead of becoming a member or sending a donation, I buy their books, so that I get some benefit besides the knowledge of a job well done. (Speaking of which, I still think it would be a fantastic idea for them to get the rights to the out-of-print Seduction of the Innocent and sell a new edition of it. They’d make scads of cash!)

Maybe this is more of the same, but damn if getting to put this in your wallet wouldn’t be worth a membership:

That’s their 2005 membership card, with art by the late, great, Will Eisner. That’s a thing of beauty. It also needs to be a t-shirt.

Membership is only $25 a year, and you can sign up here. If you think people should have the right to read whatever they want to without someone else deciding for them, think about signing up.

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