These People Led Us For Eight Years

Donald Rumsfeld, a man who I doubt could care less about Jesus, slapped Bible quotes on his briefings because he knew Bush was into that sort of thing. This is how he and Cheney got their precious Iraq war started. How many kinds of contempt did they have for the rest of America?

(Remember, though, it’s not a holy war!)

This was the White House for eight years: a bunch of psychopaths flattering the Idiot King so that he’d do what they wanted. And Obama wants to just turn the page, “move forward”, and put it all behind us — as though we can.

“Change” does not mean ignoring the past. If we don’t address the calamities of the last eight years, not only will we be unable to fix the damage they caused, but we give approval to them. Bush and his cronies weren’t just “bad policy” we need to undo. They were disastrous policy we need to condemn.

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