Presenting: Echo in, “Bite My Shiny Metal…”

Dark Horse keeps its stranglehold on my wallet as it starts up two new Hellboyverse series: BPRD: 1947 (p. 32) and Witchfinder (p. 33). I’ll be waiting for the trades on both even though that apparently means I’m Killing Comics. So be it. My lust for the blood of things that are better to me in different forms was not sated by the killing of cassingles.

I have to say. As much as I don’t care about current DC Comics, I am down for this Wednesday Comics (p. 68) thing. I think it looks like a lot of fun, and I’m willing to give it a try.

I’m not interested in either of the Showcase volumes offered this month, but the Metal Men TP (p. 96) is tempting. I seem to remember folks liking this series a lot. What do you folks think — worth it?

I keep trying to come up with something to say about that image and the quote, but really, I can’t improve it at all.

Did anyone read The Engineer (p. 192) from Archaia? Was it any good?

There’s an authorized adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 on page 252. It comes with a subscription to a newsletter where, in each issue, Bradbury himself lets you know what the book is REALLY about this week!

It’s a big month for Doctor Who (p. 260)! First, we get Room With a Deja View, a one-shot by Rich Johnston, the comics rumormonger who accurately predicted Paterson Joseph would replace David Tennant in the title role! But more importantly, the series becomes a regular monthly production with Doctor Who #1. I have to say that the IDW books haven’t been too bad, except for the first series, which was just godawful. And hey, cover art by Paul Grist! I love that guy; he should do a monthly comic! It’s


Hey! What’s better than setting the full-page glossy ad for your new comic book in the hated “comic sans” font?


Atomic Robo and the Shadow From Beyond Time #4 is on page 278. If you missed the Atomic Robo book on Free Comic Book Day, you can read it online here!

Here’s 20th Century Boys vol 4 (p. 292)! WHERE’S MY VOLUME 2?

And I am still enjoying Hikaru No Go, even 14 volumes in! Volume 16 is on page 294.

This whole “Barack Obama cover” fad is getting out of hand. This issue of Dragonball Z claims it actually ships inside Barack Obama, and comes with both the President and a powerful laxative!

Okay, I gotta go finish installing Halo: Brian Hibbs Edition:

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4 Responses to Presenting: Echo in, “Bite My Shiny Metal…”

  1. Bully says:

    Wow, Harlan Ellison sure likes complete and utter crap.

  2. Brian McDonald says:

    “Hey! What’s better than setting the full-page glossy ad for your new comic book in the hated “comic sans” font?”

    How about misspelling the name of your character in said ad?


  3. Dave says:

    Yes, Brian. That would indeed be the joke there.

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