Cooler, Newer Music Pages

One of the first things I ever put on the web was The Cool New Music Page, a history of the various mixtapes I had made during my life and the events that surrounded them. It’s about as vanity a vanity project can get, but I still like it. However, it’s been buried for some time and now looks pretty dated, so I’ve been thinking of freshening it all up.

Some of the things I plan on doing, other than a fresh coat of paint are:

* Integrate the “covers” I made a couple years ago.

* Do a more song-by-song breakdown, explaining more about why each one was chosen and any special significance it may have.

* For each one, figure out what I think is the best tune and which deserves the “WTF Award”.

Is there anything that you, the readers, might like to see? Note that being able to download the songs won’t happen, as I enjoy not being sued. However, I could possibly embed some of them with non-downloadable players. (For all I know, I can embed entire playlists thusly.)

I’m up for suggestions, even the “how about you leave them alone and not dwell on the past” suggestion.

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4 Responses to Cooler, Newer Music Pages

  1. Lanf says:

    TTP. Oh wait that’s for anime. Nevermind.

  2. Matthew Glover says:

    Links to videos on youtube?

  3. Stewart says:

    Great page, and I hope you link the untouched, original version in your update.

    Links to the cover art and the songs/videos are all good ideas.

    The most appealing part of the page to me is the chronicle of the life events. Therefore, I would like to see some actual photos from the time periods, if you have any. I believe the “Calculator Watch” photo would be a great start. And your current “Target Watch” photo would go well with the “WTF Award” section.

    I think I can dig up a Sweetcorn Festival picture or two for your “Corn” themed mixtape. I have a picture of Spud the dog, too!

  4. Dave says:

    I thought about photos, but there are two problems with that.

    First, it’s all well and good for me to strut my own past out for others’ enjoyment, but photos of other involved people would be a privacy area I’m not sure I want to go into.

    Second, even if that weren’t an issue, I don’t really have many appropriate photos. If anyone in my crowd was an avid picture-taker, it wasn’t me, and I don’t have much more than a handful of images from those days anyway.