I’m Leveraging New Web 2.0 Paradigms for Impactful Synergy!

The other night I casually remarked on Twitter about being more or less randomly followed by one of these SEO Web 2.0 Internet Marketing goofballs who follow 2000 people as though they really give a damn about them.

(For those not on the bleeding edge, “SEO” is “Search Engine Optimization”. This and “Social Media” are the big buzzwords for the latest batch of wannabes who think the Internet is going to make them rich. Near as I can figure, what they do the most is talk about SEO and Social Media on Twitter and link to each others’ blogs.)

Immediately I got followed by a couple more SEO types. So yesterday morning I decided to have a little fun, and started mentioning “SEO” and “#seo” (a search term) in my Twitter posts. Sure enough, I started getting tons of these dudes, who all have software set up to search for the terms and auto-follow whoever uses them. However, the context I was using the terms in was things like this:

And this:

(You can click on both of those images to see what they’re pointing to.)

There was also this trilogy:

9:21 AM: SEO/WEB 2.0 ISSUE OF THE DAY: where are my gloves?

9:22 AM: n/m, found them! #seo

9:26 AM: NEW SEO FOLLOWERS: I already found my gloves but thanks for the follow anyway! #seo #ppm #web2.0

(I don’t know what “ppm” is but a lot of them were using that tag so I did too.)

I finally shut up about SEO around noon or so, but I’m still getting followers trickling in. It’s like trying to get rid of fruit flies.

I was going to go ahead and block them all now that I’m done, but I think instead I’ll let them sift through a bunch of nonsense about Legos, boardgames, comics, and whatever else pops into my goofy head. Hopefully that won’t interfere with their success at monetizing website stickiness in a social media framework!

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2 Responses to I’m Leveraging New Web 2.0 Paradigms for Impactful Synergy!

  1. Lanf says:

    Anything that makes a marketer’s life harder is a good thing in my book. Now, if only this #seo in your twitter thing would go viral and everyone started doing it…

  2. blasterhappy says:

    I was wondering what the hell you were talking about. I keep my followers kinda small, like cult level.