I Have Pretty Awesome Buddies

I really haven’t been doing much lately, but boy have my pals on the Internet been busy! Here are some things you should check out!

Big news is Dorian’s great big list of Uncomfortable Plot Summaries, which I am delighted to say I helped out a little on! It’s one of those simple ideas that just takes hold: describe a movie, book, or TV show in such a way that even the most wholesome plot becomes skeevy. Example: “LORD OF THE RINGS: Midget destroys stolen property.” This post is burning up the Internet, and is possibly the biggest thing I’ve had a small part in since “All your base are belong to us”. Dorian has struck gold with this idea!

If comics bloggers were dirtbikes, Chris Sims would be a dirtbike that transforms into a fire truck, travels through time, and runs on Sasquatch blood. Which is why he’s the only person who has what it takes to produce The Chronicles of Solomon Stone Part One and Part Two! Head over to the Action Age Comics site and check out the comics Diamond is too SCARED to feature!

Lettering on Solomon Stone was provided by the ever-enthusiastic Benjamin Birdie who, along with the ever-intoxicated Kevin Church, continue to knock it out of the park with The Rack! It’s one of those rare nerd-centric webcomics which tries to find humor in more than just repeating the meme-of-the-week or bitching about some passing and soon-to-be-forgotten idiocy in the comics world.

Cathy Leamy, a/k/a Metrokitty, has also been busy. You’ll find her work in the hilarious and touching I Saw You…, which are comics based on “missed connections” ads, but she’s also drawing the charming Planet Wifey, which looks at the small but important things that define a relationship.

Finally, Andrew Weiss has a blog that is just incredible, and he sits over there and quietly posts gem after gem. Add Armagideon Time to your blogroll or RSS reader and you won’t regret it.

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