It’s Grant Morrision! Yay! And He’s Writing Batman! Zzzzzz…

Finally got the latest Previews, and it looks like I get a break after last month, which is good. Shall we go through it together? Let’s!

Every time I see this “Cade Skywalker” character I just laugh and laugh.

Look at the dude! He was built by committee! “Okay, he has a trenchcoat, of course. And a goatee.” “Can we get some Boba Fett in there?” “Sure. He’s a bounty hunter!” “How about Han Solo?” “And he’s a pirate too!” “Wait wait give him a lightsaber!” “Let’s work some Darth Vader in there. Maybe with his pants?”

I have a lot of fond memories of reading JLA back when Perez was drawing it, but this Classic Library version of it on page 88? I can pass. It’s okay for those to just stay fond memories.

As tired as I am of Batman, I’ll still get the Showcase Presents: Batman Vol 4 (p. 92).

Man, Astro City: the Dark Age is still going on? I think I quit buying that about thirty years ago, and that was after the first story ended. They’re just now doing the second part of the third story?

I’ll be getting Seaguy: Slaves of Mickey Eye #3 (p. 120), you bet, but this weekend I went to re-read the original series and I can’t find them! This is awful!

I have a question for the group and no, it doesn’t involve a poorly-chosen title:

Do women go someplace to have their tits sharpened, or is that something you can do at home?

I’ve heard good things about Johnny Hiro (p. 186) so I may be giving that a try.

Pick your own joke about the Life-Sized Star Trek Captain’s Chair:

a) Do they charge for basement delivery?

b) Is there a switch for “Bossa Nova”?

c) Is it extra-wide for comfort?

I just got issue number one of Ignition City, so I’ll have to get back to you after I read it to let you know if I’m going in for issue #3 (p. 212).

Fantagraphics is a gold mine this month, and has the


(Crappy image not courtesy of Fantagraphics, who don’t have a decent image — or an image at all — of their own book anywhere on their site that I can find.)

You Shall Die By Your Own Evil Creation! (p. 253). The first Fletcher Hanks collection was a brain-melting quadruple dose of the weirdest goddamn comics you’ve ever seen. Volume Two is an absolute MUST.

Locas II: Maggie, Hopey, and Ray (p. 253) is also gonna be some damn fine comics, though I prefer the Palomar stuff to the Maggie and Hopey stuff.

This new Doctor Who: Autopia one-shot (p. 263) is about a glorious utopia where — and I hope you’re sitting down for this shocker — things aren’t quite what they seem!

Jan’s Atomic Heart (p. 276) — “Due to a violent accident, Jan’s mind has been transferred into a robotic ‘rental’ body while his real body can be healed. While he becomes accustomed to his new appearance, Jan begins to get the feeling that there are other unusual things going on in his life…and they may have to do with the growing threat of terrorism that has the world in a state of panic.” Sounds worth a gamble at only $6!

Atomic Robo and the Shadow From Beyond Time (p. 284) — Atomic Robo has not answered my Scrabble challenge on Facebook. BOK BOK BOK CHICKEN!

And that’s it for the month! As usual, do not point out anything I’ve overlooked or talk about what might be interesting to you in this issue!

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