The Water Engine

Hey! Remember when Becky was in a play? Well, she is again!

The Water Engine, by David Mamet, is coming to Springfield College. It is interesting in that it was originally written for radio and also it’s a David Mamet work that isn’t just a long string of profanity.

Here’s how Wikipedia summarizes the plot:

The Water Engine is set in 1934. Its central character, Charles Lang, is a young amateur inventor, who designs an engine that runs on water. He plans to patent it, make a fortune, and live happily ever after with his sister Rita Lang[citation needed], but his dream begins to unravel when he finds himself up against two hoodlum-like attorneys, Morton Gross and Lawrence Oberman.

Becky is not playing the sister, Rita Citation Needed (née Lang), she is playing a few roles including Mrs. Varec and the Chain Letter. Guys, do not break the chain!

As you can see, admission is a mere pittance, so if you’re around, why not come check it out?

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5 Responses to The Water Engine

  1. David Thiel says:

    Is the Chain Letter a supervillain? What powers does she exhibit?

  2. Dan says:

    The power of good fortune! (That is, as long as you mail her to 30 other people)

  3. Nigel says:

    Becky’s quest to conquer ALL media continues I see. The Boston Globe, TV…somewhere there’s an up and coming Holywood starlet in her agent’s office saying: “Dammit Bob, why can’t you get me press like Becky!!!”

  4. Stewart says:

    How about a streaming webcast for us non-New Englanders?