It is a Truth Universally Acknowledged, That an Author in Possession of a Good Novel, Must be in Want of a Comic Book Adaptation

Last month was pretty light. This month is going to be a doozy. Let’s start out with something I’m not getting:

If the next best thing to hanging out with Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones is owning a toy, then let’s be honest: how good can hanging out with Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones possibly be?

The good news is, even if you’re not a Jagger fan, the figure of him will double as a David Johansen figure or, in a pinch, Stockard Channing.

Page 29:

Good grief, more lesbianism in the Buffy comic?

Beanworld Book 2: A Gift Comes! (p. 36) — The first volume of this collection appears on the New York Times Graphic Book Bestseller list, which itself only exists so that Watchmen doesn’t end up on a list with real books.

Usagi Yojimbo: Bridge of Tears (p. 43) — Seriously, folks. One of the — if not the — best comics on the stands.

The Spirit #29 (p. 83) — I went quit on this title a while back but this issue is written by me-fave Dean Motter, with art by Paul Rivoche. I think I just might need to get it.

All-Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder vol 1 (p. 86) — there are those out there who would tell me, in an instant, BUY BUY BUY. I understand this is the most whacked-out instance of Batman in recent history, thanks to allowing Frank Miller to unleash his id all over it. I can’t say I’m not curious. But on the other hand, I really really dislike Frank Miller. I just don’t know what to do here, folks!

Showcase Presents: Green Lantern vol 4 (p. 89) — I love the guy, I can’t help it!

Out of all the comics on the “After Watchmen, What’s Next?” spread, the one I would recommend most to readers looking for something to follow up with is Kingdom Come. That’s because I think it’s important to new comics readers that you find out as soon as possible that most mainstream superhero offerings are garbage, so you can begin adjusting your expectations accordingly.

Ocean TP (p. 102) — I remember this looking interesting but never heard anything about it. Worth reading? Worth owning?

Seaguy: The Slaves of Mickey Eye #2 (p. 117) — I have been reading some Bob Kanigher Metal Men comics and let me assure you Grant Morrison is no more weird and unfathomable than they are.


Oh hell yes! Marvel is adapting PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. (This is actually the first issue, which was solicited LAST month, but since I don’t get the Marvel Previews thinger, I had no way to know.)

Have you, like me, had a tough time getting through the novel without wondering what all the Bennet sisters’ o-faces look like? WONDER NO MORE!

I really don’t know what to say about this. It looks fantastically awful.

Whatever Happened to the World of Tomorrow? (p. 190) — This book about how The Future failed us looks very promising, but man, $25 is a lot to drop on a completely unknown quantity.

Ignition City #2 (p. 212) — Crossing my fingers on this one…

George Sprott (p. 250) — I think Seth is immensely talented, but honestly, I think I may have read my fill of this kind of stuff. Can someone recommend it?

Low Moon (p. 254) — On the other hand, I never get tired of Jason.

Grotesque (p. 255) — A surreal yet not completely opaque book that nobody is talking about. I should remedy that one of these days.

The Eternal Smile (p. 256) — Wow, Gene Luen Yang AND Derek Kirk Kim? Yes, with a side order of yes!

I honestly thought this said “Dork Humpers” at first.

Two Doctor Who items on page 270! Classics Volume 3 is a must, and there’s also The Time Machination, a one-shot by the guy who allegedly does Jack Staff, Paul Grist*!

Atomic Robo and the Shadow From Beyond Time (p. 284) — Have I mentioned that Atomic Robo is my friend on Facebook? I should challenge him to Scrabble.

Holy cow. The Tokyopop section is only two pages. “Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair.”

Second Thoughts GN (p. 288) — I was going to buy this, but then I had — ha ha! GET IT? Actually, I think I am going to get this. It looks worth a gamble.

Syncopated GN (p. 292) — I like me some non-fiction comics, and this looks like a swell collection of them at a reasonable price.

20th Century Boys vol 3 (p. 295) — Just picked up my comics from the past month or so, and volume 1 was in that batch, so I need to get to reading it!

And on top of all of that, a new Brickjournal! (p. 315) Have mercy!

Page 352: You know, I forgot that in addition to replacing a token black guy with a token Asian, the new Battlestar Galactica replaced a different black guy with a drunk white guy. Progress!

Page 356: Yes, the Hellboy buddies are, in fact, adorable. No, I won’t be buying them.

This is me, not talking about the “Deluxe Watchmen costumes” except to ask: No GT size for the Silk Spectre?

And what does GT mean, anyway? “Geek Typical”?

There’s way too much here I want, and it’s going to be tough to scale this back!

* — He and I are now tied for issues of Jack Staff put out in the past four months. This however does not beat my record: I’m still neck and neck with James Robinson on issues of Leave it to Chance, and that’s been years.

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  1. joncormier says:

    I know I read a TP called Ocean by Warren Ellis and it was pretty decent. It was a good read but not owning essential for me. It’s a solid pulp sci-fi story. I’m wondering if I only read the first half of a yet incomplete story or something… Internet ahoy!