Since the bottom part of this post seems to be invisible, let me repeat it:

If you have any suggestions for tunes from the past two years I should check out, please put them in the comments! I will probably be following up this Mix CD with another one, since Iā€™m so far behind.

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6 Responses to NEW MUSIC WANTED

  1. jerm says:

    The following bands were on a mix album given to me over christmas by a friend. CSS (Believe Achieve), Menomena (The Pelican, Wet and Rusting, Oahu), Midlake (Young Bride), The old haunts (Volatile), Only Son (quiet surrender), Pinback (B), White Rabbits (The Plot), and if you are not familiar with them, you might check out 65 Days of Static. I’ve seen them referred to as “Math Rock”, which always make me think of you, dude.

  2. jerm says:

    Though I cannot vouch for any of the music individually, I thought that this was pretty f’ing cool.

  3. Dan says:

    The Twist by Frightened Rabbit
    A-Punk by Vampire Weekend
    Flathead by The Fratellis
    Slapped Actresses by The Hold Steady
    Thrash Unreal by Against Me!
    The Greatest Man That Ever Lived by Weezer (so bad yet so good!)

  4. Otro Dave says:

    Calexico released a new album that was sort of a return to their old sound after an uncomfortable stint of trying to be Iron and Wine or The Silver Jews or something. I highly recommend it. The Silver Jews also released his last album, Lookout Mountain Lookout Sea, which was pretty great. I was also going to suggest his Tanglewood Numbers but realized that it’s almost 5 years old now. Times flies!

    Also from recently that you might dig;
    +Of Montreal- Skeletal Lamping and/or Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer
    +Bonnie Prince Billy- Lie Down In The Light
    +Mount Eerie – Black Wooden Ceiling Opening
    +Scarlett Johanson’s covers of Tom Waits (surprisingly good if you give them a chance)
    +Tough Alliance – New Chance
    +Lucero- Rebels, Rogues, and Sworn Brothers (if you like the Replacements, you will love these guys)
    +The Mountain Goats- Heretic Pride

  5. joncormier says:

    My wife just introduced me to Blitzen Trapper. Their song “Furr” is one of the catchiest, happiest songs I’ve ever heard. The album of the same name is really good.

    Also, Rock Plaza Central’s album Are We Not Horses is worth a listen. I’m a big fan after seeing them open for someone else and put the headliner to shame.

  6. Mike Walker says:

    The new Cursive record is pretty good.
    The Bird and The Bee is pretty good.
    Robert Pollard is always making new music. It’s usually pretty good.