Freedom’s Just Another Word For "Nothing Left to Lose"

On Sunday, the citizens of Iraq will have the honor of participating in an American institution. They will be able to cast ballots in a flawed and probably rigged election where there are no actual issues, where one side is trying to influence the outcome through raw intimidation, and where most people probably won’t vote. Let Freedom ring!

It’s not that I hate Freedom, either here in America or over in Iraq. It’s just that I have to wonder if America, especially under the current administration, is really the best country to try and teach people how to have free and fair elections, how to implement Democracy, and how to enjoy Freedom? We’re probably about as qualified as we are to wage war on tyranny. While we erode civil rights, preach hatred, torture prisoners, and run our own secret prisons, we’re going to claim we’re spearheading the fight for Liberty.

I was against this stupid war from the start and remain so. But I will say that I’m glad that at least the Iraqi people have experienced the side effect of being out from under the rule of Saddam Hussein and may have a slim chance of controlling their own destinies soon, assuming they decide on a government we like. Of course, this result is merely an artifact of the war; getting rid of Saddam was only Bush’s last reason for going into Iraq. Those who read things other than republished White House press releases will remember that Bush was more than happy to let Saddam stay in power if the tyrant would just give up his nonexistent weapons of mass destruction. You know, the ones Condi Rice lied to Congress about before being promoted to Secretary of State.

It’s obvious from the way we continue to support countries like Pakistan, Ukbekistan, and Saudi Arabia that we really aren’t overly interested in getting rid of tyrants. Out of two candidates, one of whom poisoned the other with dioxin, guess which one our government supported?

It’s little wonder if the rest of the world rolls their eyes at our heartwarming speeches about bringing Freedom to the masses. We’re losing steam as an economic power, our military is tied up in a pointless mess in the Middle East, aligning education with the Bible ensures we’ll soon not compete at all in science, and soon our culture will be censored into nothing but paintings of cute kittens. And we’re going to save the rest of the world. Uh-huh.

Edited to add the image. How could I forget that the teachers of Freedom are about to appoint Mr. Torture as Attorney General? Image courtesy of this blog, via Slacktivist.

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