And Don’t Forget Hispanics and Jews. It’s Still Okay to Hate Them Too.

National Public Radio asks: “Are We Living In A Post-Racial America?” After all, we did just elect a light-skinned half-black man who doesn’t talk like Snoop Dogg, so it stands to reason that some might wonder if we’re all okay on the whole race issue now.

Unfortunately for NPR and Dr. Pangloss, at least half of our countrymen are Republicans, and a lot of them aren’t quite done with hating black people yet, even if most of them have moved on to hating gays or stuck with hating women.

Here’s an article from the website for a right-wing talk show.

Anti-Racist Activist Mugged By Black Man

And the comments?

“Serves her right ! Too bad the nìggers didn’t kill her earlier.”

“The only sad part of this story is that she is still alive. I wish she were raped also and plops out a little chocolate baby in 9 months which spits in her face.”

“well, you can’t say she didn’t get what she deserved. she reminds of the guy in alaska who thought he could live with the bears, rangers found him and his dumb girlfriend in the bears belly.
anyone who can’t recognize that negroes are sociopaths ends up beaten /raped/robbed/murdered. it’s modern day evolution”

“stupid dyke.”

“I would like to highlight that this woman is jewish. (proof: the name and the picture also speaks for itself)”

“Do women like this become multi racial fans because they are spurned and rejected by white men at that age?

Swallow your fucking ego you fucking liberal bitch and learn to bat for the white race you witch … @$@!#$@!#%!@$#”

I think you get the idea. It’s worth pointing out that apparently this show is broadcast on, among other places, WWCR: Worldwide Christian Radio.

And how many of the supposedly more rational conservatives who are shocked, shocked to hear rhetoric like this coming from their alleged colleagues, fixate on Obama’s supposed “Communist” and “Socialist” policies simply because that’s more socially acceptable than being upset that he’s black? Here’s a story from the rabidly right wing WorldNetDaily in which the secret past of this Manchurian Candidate is supposedly revealed:

Socialism Communism scheduled for a vote in Senate

In addition to the usual hand-wringing about any bill that the Republicans didn’t come up with and fretting about the nefarious ACORN, who none of these people even had heard of until it was trotted out last year and now they’ve ALWAYS hated them, there’s a story of how a Communist Woman named (I’m making this next bit up) Ivana Kilamerika (ok, back to the actual story) told some guy that a secret Communist candidate was being groomed for the presidency and his name is “Barack”!


What’s more: “His mother is white and American and his father is black from Africa. That’s right, a chocolate baby! And he’s going to be your president.”

GASP! He’s Communist AND a chocolate baby? Sounds like Ivanka really knew what buttons to push. I’m surprised she didn’t have the foresight to mention that he was also a secret Muslim and the Antichrist.

So no, NPR, I think we may still have just a little ways to go before we’ve got the whole race thing wrapped up.

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3 Responses to And Don’t Forget Hispanics and Jews. It’s Still Okay to Hate Them Too.

  1. Joe says:

    The only thing I disagree with is the assertion that “at least half our countrymen are Republicans.” Gallup, among others, disagree.

    But… yeah. It only takes one small fart to stink up a room.

  2. Ray says:

    and have you seen this story?
    well of course you haven’t. If it was a White girl and Black cops…

  3. minifig says:

    Wow. That made me feel really queasy. The US certainly doesn’t have a monopoly on arseholes, but those comments really do show that the land of opportunity has given a lot of them access to the internet.