At Least Nobody Was Hurt…THIS Time.

Spent a fair amount of time this weekend doing some Legoing, which I hadn’t had a chance to do much with lately. (I planned to have something of a Lego orgy while Becky was out of town, but I had to take care of the Krankenhund instead.)

I started on a large spaceship, and decided to try a different strategy than normal on it, creating a sort of “skeleton” of it and then attaching plates to that to generate a lot of size and bulk without a ton of bricks. The results were two different types of “modules” — three hexagonal ones and two square ones. You can see the skeleton here:

And then adding plates to it:

A look through the middle reveals how, despite its size, it’s mostly hollow:

And here’s the final product!

Yep, a few hours of work to make the middle section of a boring, ugly, and extremely fragile spaceship. Going with this technique means I have studs on all outer surfaces, so I could greeble the hell out of this thing and jazz it up, but the structure is so freaking grouchy that I’d have to rebuild entire sections after every other bit of greeble was put on. And that’s not even thinking about what I’d have to do with either end of the thing.

So, that’s that. Back to the drawing board with this idea.

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One Response to At Least Nobody Was Hurt…THIS Time.

  1. HappyDead says:

    It looks like one of of those tunnel things that attach from one spaceship to another. Putting a door at either end would look cool :)