Raiders of the Lost Images IV

Once again, time to dive into the image bin and see what kind of junk I’ve been wasting valuable time doing over the past nine months.

Be the first on your block to express your hip boredom regarding the upcoming movie!

If you get this joke then congratulations! You’re two types of geek!

You’ll Never Be a Man (Only a Horrific Alien Invader):

This was for an aborted blog post involving a really geeky version of “PostSecret”.

I’m really wondering if they’d let me print and use these.

Speaking of serial killers:

This is Yeoman Rand.


Pretty sure someone, somewhere, has also done this gag.

I made this too late to use it in this post.

Another idea that came too late to use it.

The future belongs to the pico loyalists!

The Skelton Man has a warning for Samantha Brown! (You might not want to click that link and thereby keep your sanity intact.)

If you clicked on the above link, you’ll want to wear this:

And finally, change you can believe in!

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3 Responses to Raiders of the Lost Images IV

  1. Lanf says:

    Wha…Hey! That’s not even a real Bubo, it’s just a clockwork replica! What kind of a schlub do you think I am??

  2. blathering says:

    Love the owl. He’s my fave character still.

  3. Andrew Weiss says:

    The Red Skelton one still makes me bust a gut laughing.