This is a sick doggie.

He’s been sick since Monday evening, unable to keep any food down. There has been a LOT of dog vomit around here the past couple of days. Why? Because Becky’s out of town, of course! That’s when these things happen!

He went to the vet today, who is not sure what’s up. Beebo’s on baby food at the moment (though he just yakked that up as well) and the vet is waiting to see what a blood test reveals. We’ll know more tomorrow, I hope. If he can’t keep the baby food down, he’s going to have to go in for an IV until whatever this is passes.

The little guy is keeping up his spirits, though. He’s still alert, still wants to bark at the mailman, still wags, and still gives kisses. It’s not like when dogs get really sick and just don’t respond to anything.

Here’s hoping he just ate something that’s disagreeing with him and it’ll be better soon. Poor pup!

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12 Responses to Krankenhund

  1. jerm says:

    Get well soon, Beebo!

  2. Rob Barrett says:

    Best wishes, little buddy!

  3. Andrew Weiss says:

    Hang in there, pup!

  4. Caper says:

    I feel your pain, my canine friend. I woke up in the middle of the night recently and barfed multiple times for unknown reasons. I personally like to yak on the carpet rather than the tile, and wander around to different parts of the house. My owners seem to enjoy searching for the various spots at 2 a.m.

    Try eating some cat poo. That always seems to settle my stomach.

  5. blathering says:

    A vet friend always suggest plain white rice for the sick puppies. Hope he’s better soon.

  6. Daniel says:

    When the d00dz was ill, the vet suggested white rice with cut up chicken. He had no complaints.

  7. Albatross says:

    We went with mostly white rice, some hard boiled egg, and some ground beef for Lyla when she had stomach trouble. Here’s best wishes to Beebo’s speedy recovery.

  8. Feel better, Beebo!!!!

    Deir, Matthew, Professor, Sam, Duckie and Friday

  9. Dave says:

    :-( Best wishes Beebo!

  10. esthela says:

    Aww feel better beebo. In sort of related news, beebo looks like a little plump sausage in that picture.

  11. mattwran says:

    As the owner of a dog with a particularly gimpy stomach, I’ll second Albatross’ recommendation of white rice. On the other hand, could Beebo’s stomach ailment be related to the fact that he hasn’t fed on human flesh for a while? I bet pronoblem would be willing to let Beebo take a small nibble . . .

  12. Indeed stuff like this only happens when your emotional support is gone. Hopefully Beebo didn’t find a way to ingest the former screen bat. Are you sure Becky is out of town and safe? And Beebo didn’t eat another entire box of treats? Get well, Beebo…..