2008 Blog Stats

Let’s take a look at what people were taking a look at on this here blog in 2008!

Problem is, I kinda don’t have the stats for January and February. Oopsie! Here’s the rest of the year, though:

January: ??
February: ??
March: 4791
April: 4681
May: 5087
June: 3630
July: 5610
August: 6183
September: 3261
October: 3125
November: 5863
December: 7163

February’s highlight was my DIRE EMERGENCY. This got some good linkage and was my most hit post for that month.

My look into Grant Morrison’s tameness compared to the Silver Age got some StumbleUpon love, so it was tops in March.

April was when GUEST BLOGGER IDOL was going on and Al’s audition got the most hits of that month.

For May, the announcement of Lego Diem was the highlight.

June 20 was a big day, but were people coming to see April’s shredding skills or Lego Death Star price tag sadness?

In July I kind of riled up an ENTIRE LEGION of the Empire’s troops in a post on the casual fascism of American society. When the dust finally settled I think most folks saw that whether or not they agreed with my larger point, I wasn’t saying that the dudes who dress up as Stormtroopers ARE fascists. It was my most commented on post ever, and thus the most commented on for the year.

This photo is making a kid smile and that’s all that matters.

I didn’t even write the top post for August! It was an important message on not behaving like a moronic animal at a geek convention. And surprise, there are people out there who still refuse to get it.

The story of my Star Wars figures got the most hits in September. If only my auctions had seen that much action!

I have no explanation for the number of hits on October 22. People Googling “obama october surprise“?

This Lego creation in November got a TON of hits. (I’m kind of surprised this one didn’t, since it got a link from Chris Sims.)

Two things probably account for the fact that the leaf bag contest winner post led for December. First, Nigel sent the link to everyone he knew. Second, my site is the number one Google result for “leaf bag contest”.)

There were 492 posts this year. The biggest categories were Misc (47 posts), Politics (43 posts), and Images and Toys, both with 33 posts in them.

We were a chatty bunch this year! There were 1416 comments posted. The top commenters other than myself were: Blasterhappy (106 comments), David Thiel (83), Lanf (81), CounterProductive (60), pronoblem (54), Otro Dave (48), Ken Lowery (40), Anne (38), and Stewart and Albatross, both with 35. The top comment-grabbing posts (other than the Fascism one above) were:

Let There Be Lightbox

Imperial Troops Have Entered the Base! Imperial Troops Have Entered the *ksssshhhxxx*

This is the Place

Everything You Thought You Knew About Leaf Bagging is WRONG.

The Halfway Point

GBI: Crazy Flipper Fingers

I Have a Big Birthday Coming Up

For Reals

If Man is Five, If Man is Five, If Man is Five

And lastly, some of the search phrases that brought folks to my site:

robots don’t say i love you
peeing manga
sexy nazi
pictures of people being killed
russian bobbleheads
can you only get montana spray on the internet
nice asses
skull with dice
holmesian double act
cough night
wireless mouse plane crash
horse goodgame

Obviously we had a lot of fun in 2008! Thanks for reading my blog and thanks for commenting! And a big shout out to the dozen or so folks who get here every month by searching for the word “labia”!

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2 Responses to 2008 Blog Stats

  1. Blasterhappy says:

    Didn’t realize I was so chatty! Happy New Year and consider this my first entry for the 2009 record.

  2. David Thiel says:

    The “Doctor Who” fan in me is glad to see that “Holmesian double act” got you a hit, but I think that my favorite search phrase in the above list is “peeing manga.” Honestly, for what reason would anyone ever conduct that specific search…OR DO I ALREADY KNOW? Eek.