Looking Back, Looking Forward

Welcome to 2009! I made a few resolutions last year and did okay with them, though it’s not like I resolved to go mountain climbing or learn the cello. Let’s see how they went:

Read More “Book” Books — This was a success. My 27 read books last year won’t impress too many, but it really was good for me.

Play With Legos More — Seems like a stupid resolution, but this is a creative outlet for me, and I hadn’t been doing anything with them previously, so I was glad to get back on that. I’ve had a lot of fun and gotten a lot better at it.

Lose Weight and Exercise — Not so much. I didn’t lose the 15 pounds or so I want to, but at least I didn’t gain more. I’ve really got to work on this.

Okay, so not too bad, though come on — resolving to play with Legos?

Some other things happened this year that were good and I should continue on with:

Unloading Stuff — I sold off the Star Wars figures and that was not a tragedy. I unloaded some boardgames I didn’t play and I don’t miss them. Two huge boxes of comics went to Modern Myths and that’s fine. And there’s plenty more where all of that came from, so I may just do it again.

Fewer Games — In addition to getting rid of a lot of stuff I wasn’t playing, I also cut down on my purchases. I didn’t put in any huge orders this year, and just plain bought a lot fewer things. Which is not to say I lost interest, I’ve just become more focused on playing instead of purchasing.

Here’s what I’d like to accomplish this year:

Monthly Reading — I’m going to keep going with this.

Analog Thursday — Last year the monthly reading meant I fell behind on comics, since I usually read those at night as well. So Thursday evenings will be “analog”. No Mackboop, no PS2, no TV. Instead, Thursday evenings are for analog pursuits: reading comics, playing games with Becky, building with Legos, whatever. Something other than gluing my eyes to a screen.

More Music — At some point in early 2007 I hit the pause button on Winamp and never pressed it again. I don’t know what happened. I lost all interest and operated in silence for most of the rest of the year. So this year I want to break out of that and at least have a toe in the water of current music. I’ll begin by completing the mix CD I started on in 2007.

Update the Resume — Not that there’s anything bad going on at work, but this is something that’s been needing to be done for ages. I haven’t touched it since I got this job back in 2001, so it’s more than past time for this task.

Fix Up the Website — There are a lot of broken and outdated things here and they need to be cleaned up or chopped off.

Keep the Office Tidy — I have a really great space upstairs for my office/geekery, and it’s always a wreck. I need to make more of an effort to keep it looking nice.

And of course, there’s that 15 pounds again.

How about you, dear readers? What were last year’s triumphs and this year’s goals?

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3 Responses to Looking Back, Looking Forward

  1. I am going to lay off the Rockstar energy drinks this year. Those things are going to give me the diabetes.

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