A Great Christmas Week Indeed!

I don’t want it to sound like the only thing that happened this week was the Lego Death Star. We’ve had a very nice Christmas here!

I had the week off from work, which was a relief. We spent the early part of the week relaxing, watching DVDs, and we had a nice fire in the fireplace. Dan and Jen came over with some games and we had a good time with them.

Christmas eve we went to Missy and Marty’s place for a fun party, with a Yankee Swap going on. A lot of…er…lovely things were swapped. Becky’s good catch was an Obama pin, and mine was this gorgeous framed rhino head:

We always get the best of both worlds at their place, because we also played a little Dreidel and had potato latkes with applesauce!

On Christmas morning Becky got a lot of things from me that she wanted — I know this because it was stuff she specifically gave me the catalog pages for. She got some jewelry, the new Sarah Vowell book, some fancy hand cream, and the wrong type of robe (oops!). She also got a lot of lovely things from her dear friend Deshae. In addition to the you know what I also got some comics, a PS2 game, candy, and one of the latest in the line of weirdo Playmobil figures, a crocodile wrangler. Beebo got a new squeaky hedgehog toy.

Later we went back over to Missy and Marty’s for dinner. In addition to the usual turkey and stuffing, Becky had used her pasta maker to make some shrimp fettuccine that was dee-lish!

We walked off all the food in Forest Park, letting Beebo and his friend Mookie run free. It was beautiful with the snow on the ground and the dogs had a blast!

Afterwards we came home and watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special, which I’ll talk about in detail later.

Yesterday we went out and made a purchase. Your riddle: what has twenty-eight legs and two heads? You’ll find out in 5-8 weeks.

Now we’re back to just hanging out and relaxing. I have to say, I think I even won’t mind going back to work on Monday!

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