I Am So Proud of My Technological Terror!

Yep, my big Christmas gift was the Lego Death Star  dollhouse  set! I started on it yesterday morning and here’s where I am so far:

This sucker’s gonna take a while to get together, and probably will stay together. I’m even putting the stickers on, which I almost never do!

The whole thing is a Russian nesting doll of parts. OPen the box and you get four smaller boxes. In those are bags, and sometimes there are bags within bags. The distribution of parts makes no logical sense vis-a-vis the building — clearly they assume you’re going to dump them all out and sort them first. They don’t know me. The worst case was one cruel step in which you needed four of a certain piece, and the four pieces were distributed across four different bags.

Because I’m doing this not as intended, the minifigs didn’t get built first (as their heads, torsos, legs, and hair were likely in four different bags.) However, as soon as I got complete parts for one, I put it together. The first was this:

Lookin’ good!

I’ll keep you updated with my progress!

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