Leaf Bag Contest Winner!

We got 25″ of snow last night, so the leaf bag contest must come to an end! This is actually a lie — we got like MAYBE an inch, but it sounds much better than “We ran out of steam like weeks ago.”

A grand total of FORTY bags were filled, making NIGEL the winner of a fabulous, yet-to-be-determined prize! Nigel, be checking your mailbox!

It was clear that with the leaf hog in the picture no one really knew where this was going, including us. The leaf hog, I’ll say, performed admirably. I personally found it to be a lot better than stooping-and-scooping. Its touted “10-to-1” bagging ratio however, is a ridiculous exaggeration; I can’t even imagine how this statement is justified. I’d say it brought the number of bags down by a factor of somewhere between a half and a third. (We didn’t use it for all of the bags, but most of them.)

We never got to the right side of the house much at all, but we did get to the garage tree, which often hasn’t finished shedding leaves by the time we pack it up. And the backyard will be a project for Spring, if ever. (I kind of like the leaves and needles all over the back yard, as it’s not like we get any meaningful grass back there anyway.)

Thanks to everyone who participated in this very exciting competition! Rest assured that we are constantly looking for new ways to “mix it up” so that the leaf bag contest doesn’t become boring and predictable.

Everyone give Nigel a round of applause!

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4 Responses to Leaf Bag Contest Winner!

  1. Kurt says:

    Congrats Nigel!

    And I have to admit, I thought that the leaf hog was going to be a bust. It looks like the leaves have to be very dry for that thing to work.

  2. Anne says:

    You couldn’t get your lazy rears off the couch and away from Xbox Karaoke to just stuff five more bags? Curses! I think this thing is rigged! I want a recount!

    Grudging congrats to Nigel.

  3. roomtemp says:

    may i suggest you make “meaningful grass” a new tag?

  4. Nigel says:

    I ROCK!