Drinking and Thinking

We watch a lot of BBC America, and they’re always talking about “Pub Quizzes” on there, something I’d never heard of. I was never much into bars, even in college, so I had no idea that these sorts of things went on in them. Once I found out what they were, I especially didn’t imagine they took place in America, where pubs are bars and the socialization in them is mostly limited to meat-marketing. How wrong I was!

Dan and Jen invited us to the pub quiz at the John Boyle O’Reilly Club last night. We weren’t sure what to expect, but we got our drinks (I had me a Guinness Extra Stoot — I love the stoof!) and prepped to have our brains pumped.

See, I can’t tell you when my Dad’s birthday is. I have no idea what anyone’s phone number is. I only occasionally can recall my license plate number. But if it’s something worthless that I read twenty years ago, it’s permanently wedged in my brain. Even a song I don’t like I can often rattle off the lyrics to. In some ways I have a fantastic memory — I’m often recalling things from the past that nobody else who was there has any memory of at all. I can picture it clearly in my head. It’s just that this talent never applies to anything useful. So I’m perfect for trivia games.

Long story short, we kicked us some ass last night. The one round we did terrible in, everyone did terrible in. The theme was, of course, Christmas, and we were down with our Christmas knowledge (though none of us have seen Miracle on 34th Street or It’s a Wonderful Life). Our table won and no, it was NOT just due to me and Becky, as Dan and Jen claimed. There were plenty of things that they were important on, especially Jen’s sports knowledge.

Since it’s an Irish club, there are all these questions about Irish culture and history, and there were also a lot of questions about Springfield. We made some good guesses on the Irish ones and Dan knew a lot of the Springfield ones.

We won fabulous prizes such as some tea, candy, a book light, hand sanitizer, and a variety pack of travel Kleenex! Our prize for winning overall was a free drink token! Sweet!

Afterwards we played Pitchcar while we were serenaded by a guy singing old Sinatra and Bennett standards.

We had a great time! Unfortunately, the plans we made for visiting family after New Year’s will have us missing the January quiz, but we’ll be back for February. I’ll make sure my thinkin’ pants are clean!

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2 Responses to Drinking and Thinking

  1. tom says:

    was there a bonus point for best team name?

  2. Jen says:

    Local Irish Pub (in Mid-City) does a pubquiz weekly on Monday nights. The night was the problem; getting back into the swing of a workweek is seriously hampered by hanging out in a smoky bar until midnight on Mondays. There would be 5 rounds and the last round wouldn’t finish some nights until after 11. First prize was a $50 bar tab…to be used that night. So the only time we won, we ended up staying really late. My favorite part was that round 3 was always a picture round (movie posters, cigarette packs, statues around the city, whatever).

    Congrats winning.