It’s been colder than a witch’s caboose here, with our usual temperatures around the single digits. The foot+ snow on the ground from the last week is still hanging around, and since it hasn’t gotten above freezing at all, it’s still just as powdery as when it first fell.

Maybe this is just a weird thing I do, but when it first gets cold in the winter, I get this strange feeling of victory. I take the garbage out in a short sleeve shirt and bare feet and think, “Hey, this isn’t so bad. I can totally handle this cold.” And I start to imagine living in Alaska being no problem whatsoever because cold doesn’t bother me at all anymore and isn’t that the only drawback to Alaska, the cold? I don’t know why it suddenly makes me think of moving to Alaska, but whatever. Anyway, round about this time of year the cold smacks me upside the head and reminds me that no, I do not like the cold, no matter how much I may have “gotten used” to it and go walk in this in your bare feet, Chief!

So yeah, it’s been cold.

Which means we haven’t been doing a whole lot that involves being outdoors too much. On Friday we rented Collateral and enjoyed it. It was pretty much a straight-up Hollywood movie, but cleverer than usual. I’m not sure who Jamie Foxx was “supporting” in it, since Tom Cruise’s role didn’t really call for much other than gray hair and sitting in the back seat of a car.

We also went to Circuit City to pick up a CD spindle. Now, I dislike Circuit City, but it’s our most conveniently located place for goods of that type (especially since we were already on that side of town.) And one of the main reasons I dislike them is this foolishness:

That’s the receipt for a CD spindle. It’s easily two feet long. And what’s more is, it’s the receipt for anything. Buy anything from them and you get that scroll. What the hell? Did they look at Best Buy’s stupid receipt envelopes and think “Okay, sure, but I know we can waste far more paper than that!” It’s absurd.

Anyway, while we were over there, I also grabbed the Episode Three preview Lego set, which is quite cool. I may not be overly excited about the movie itself, but I always like me some Legos.

Saturday we just kind of hung around the house and then went to Noho to have dinner with Missy and Marty and Tom, which was fun. Tom tried to pick a fight with me by insisting that Girlfight was a really good movie about boxing, but I didn’t rise to the challenge. I haven’t seen it, so what was I supposed to say, “No it wasn’t?” Everyone was looking to see us throw down and I’m sorry we disappointed.

Sunday Becky made some home-made King Cake but alas, we couldn’t find a baby to put in it, so it’s really ersatz king cake. (Note: What King Cake is, to the uninitiated. It’s one of the few vestigial remnants of our Louisiananess.)

My CD cover project continues apace, and thanks for the comments! In other geek news, I may be GMing an RPG for my group soon. Also, I need to get cracking on some comics reading and reviewing, since it looks like I’m set to get several manga this week, including the new Planetes, new Hikaru No Go, and volume one of one I’m trying out, Planet Blood. There’s also a new Runaways volume coming out. I’ll have to make sure my manga pants are ironed.

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