Fun With Twitter

Broadcasting phony Black Friday sales:

Out at Best Buy, loading up on Wiis, for $25 each (limit 6).

iPods at K-Mart, free with $50 purchase, comes with $25 iTunes coupon.

Black Friday deal at PetSmart: All the kittens you can fit in a bag, $15

Word is CostCo has Hummer H2s for $250, but I haven’t verified it yet.

$5 VCRs at Fry’s are now down to Beta-only.

Denny’s has Grand Slam Breakfasts for a nickel, limit 12. Cause shopping makes you hungry!

Cartier is blowing out Tortue watches for only $18,500, limit 1. has a special deal. Type RR for the coupon code, then buy any CD for $5! (You will receive Rick Astley’s Greatest Hits instead.)

This Barnes & Noble “60% off all videogames in stock” thing is bogus, what with them not selling videogames.

Hanson’s Funeral Home: BOGO on Coffins and Tombstones. (not walnut for coffins).

Circuit City: Last person in the store gets whatever’s left.

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3 Responses to Fun With Twitter

  1. Lanf says:

    Is there a limit on the size of bag I can bring in for the kittens?

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