I Have a Penis

Another “too busy for a real blog post” day. Incidentally, I am male. I have a penis.

I’m sure you have questions right now, and yes, they are valid ones. Incidentally, I am male.

The thing is, I ran my site through this Gender Analyzer and got this result:

“We think http://www.daveexmachina.com/wordpress is written by a man (89%).”

Now, being a man, and secure in my manliness, that’s just fine. But I’m just curious if I can raise that up a bit. After all, if the phrase, “I have a penis” doesn’t meet the criteria, then I’m not sure what does. Let’s see.

Oh hey, by the way. I’m a man. This blog is written by a man. A man with a penis.

UPDATE: “We think http://www.daveexmachina.com/wordpress is written by a man (88%).”

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4 Responses to I Have a Penis

  1. jerm says:

    Men don’t discuss penises, Dave.

  2. esthela says:

    We guess http://myfuckingeye.com/ is written by a woman (57%), however it’s quite gender neutral. Great, mine thinks I’m an amoeba.

  3. Max says:

    “We have strong indicators that http://mbenign.blogspot.com is written by a man (92%).” However, when I tested for personality at The Typealyzer, which uses the same text classifier, this image illustrated my result.

    Mark my words, this is how the Computers will take over, one tiny AI-driven emasculation at a time.