Golden Calf Comics: I Can’t Make This Up

Prayer Needed for Global Economies

In January of this year, Cindy Jacobs was in a worship service when the Lord spoke to her, “Cindy, the strongman over America doesn’t live in Washington, DC–the strongman lives in New York City! Call My people to pray for the economy.”

This word so shook Cindy; she knew she had to call the people of God to converge on New York City the week of October 29 for an emergency prayer rally to cry out against economic collapse in the midst of shaking.

The Lord further said, “October 29 was Black Tuesday, the day the stock market crashed, and Satan wants to do it again.”

So they met and prayed in front of, among other places, the golden bull on Wall Street (photo above).

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6 Responses to Golden Calf Comics: I Can’t Make This Up

  1. Bully says:

    I see no problem with people worshipping bulls.

  2. Ken Lowery says:

    Baal HAS been lookin’ mighty fine lately…

  3. Mark Hale says:

    Is there a real cow in there?

    Oh god so hungry.

  4. Crowded House says:

    Wait…did she just say that Satan caused the Great Depression?

    Well, that’s one way of letting Herbert Hoover off the hook.

  5. pronoblem says:

    A kaleidescope of irony.