Flat Satire

Remember when George W. Bush did that hilarious bit in which he made fun of himself, looking for the Weapons of Mass Destruction? Remember how it wasn’t actually very funny at all?

Saturday Night Live doesn’t remember that.

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One Response to Flat Satire

  1. esthela says:

    I was afraid to watch Sarah Palin because I have a weakness for funny people and if she was funny, I was going to hate myself for KIND OF liking her. Except she wasn’t funny, she was a moron–and I don’t know HOW I could have possibly thought she would be anything but. SNL is famous for making fun of people in the media, but it’s one thing to be like oh yeah I can make fun of myself too because I don’t take myself too seriously and go on there and ALSO be the butt of SNL’s jokes. But in this case, I think it’s kind of a blatant disrespect of her character and I’m pretty sure most cast members ARE backing Obama–so they’re not just making fun of Sarah Palin because she’s easy to make fun of–they’re making fun of her because they think she’s a moron too! So why would she go on there? It’s like bad decision after bad decision for this woman. Seriously, she needs to totally fire her advisors.