Mackboop Update

I’ve now had the Mackboop for about a month and people have been coming up to me on the street going, Dave, how’s that working out for you?

The answer is: great. I love it. I love being on a laptop now. I love being portable. I love not having to listen to the case vibrating and a super-loud fan. I love the widescreen display. I thought it would take me a while to get used to everything, but within a week I was doing just fine on it. (I will say that I still use the mouse when I’m at my desk. The touchpad is taking the most getting used to, but I’m getting better at it.)

And Windows Vista? That’s got to be causing some major grief, right? The answer is, no. Apart from my initial problem with it, everything’s worked fine for me. Vista hasn’t wrecked any of my days and in fact it has a couple of minor tweaks that make things a little easier for me. So I have to say that Vista is a complete non-issue for me.

(I finally saw the Microsoft ad where they trick people into liking Vista by calling it “Mojave”. I really need to know what they were showing those people on the screen, cause I haven’t seen anything yet that would make me go SWEET HOVERING JESUS I NEED THIS GODDAMN OPERATING SYSTEM LIKE YESTERDAY!)

One bad note, though. While digging through my CDs looking for a driver disk I came across a game I’d forgotten I had, Titan Quest. When I first got this over a year ago my computer couldn’t run it. I decided to install it and see if that had changed. The good news is, it ran! The bad news is, wit slightly diminished graphics. I didn’t spring for the supercharged PhotonCloud Nitro XXL 2 With DigiWank Technology graphics card, I got whatever the default was. And this two-year old game still wasn’t crazy about it. That pretty much confirms that I won’t be playing Diablo 3 on it, but I admit that possibility was pretty remote to begin with. (I was serious before; it does do Diablo 2 without any problems.)

So three cheers for the Mackboop! Absolutely no buyer’s remorse here!

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2 Responses to Mackboop Update

  1. Stewart says:

    Thanks for the update, Dave! I am glad to hear that you’re enjoying your new ride.

    I have been sort of paralyzed by indecision on a laptop purchase for the past month or so. Since our old one is over five years old, though, I’m sure whatever we end up with will be a staggering improvement.

    I’m glad to hear that your Studio laptop is pretty quiet, since our desktop sounds close to a Dustbuster sometimes. Especially when I’m burning pirated copies of “Baxter”.

  2. David Thiel says:

    I wish to point out that there are a total of three posts on your blog tagged “I do not hate everything.” I’m unsure whether I feel this is too few or two too many.