We Are Not Bored

I know a lot of artistic folks, and some of them have decided to form an artistic collective called FluxMass. I am fortunate to have been invited to participate!

The motto of FluxMass is “We are not bored.” In the manifesto against “boredom” I posted a while back I complained of people trying to downgrade their own creations and play by defending them as actions done while “bored”. FluxMass elevates those things where they belong, as a true manifestation of art and creativity.

The “Flux” in FluxMass is for Fluxus, an artistic movement that sounds all highfalutin’ but actally can be distilled down to the following:

  1. Fluxus is an attitude. It is not a movement or a style.
  2. Fluxus is intermedia. Fluxus creators like to see what happens when different media intersect. They use found and everyday objects, sounds, images, and texts to create new combinations of objects, sounds, images, and texts.
  3. Fluxus works are simple. The art is small, the texts are short, and the performances are brief.
  4. Fluxus is fun. Humour has always been an important element in Fluxus.

That’s it. It’s play. It’s twiddling things and seeing what comes out of them.

What’s my artistic contribution? Why, I’m a Lego artist! (Stop laughing, I am!) Seriously, many of my Lego creations totally fulfil the “requirements”, and I have a space on the site!

Go check out the FluxMass.org site and check out some creativity! There’s also a FluxMass MySpace page. FluxMass has big plans for the future and I’m looking forward to seeing them happen.

Now go make some art yourself!

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2 Responses to We Are Not Bored

  1. bugink says:

    I am not bored. I think the last time I was bored was 1989.

  2. pronoblem says:

    Nice plug. I think I might add (since I gave the site its name) that I did not intend to start a local chapter of the Fluxus movement and a good part of the contributors to the group might better fit into the genre of outsider or folk art as well as just being simply art without any need for categorization. I certainly am drawn to the playfulness and the fusion of art & life that exists within the Fluxus movement and that was the inspiration for the domain name…

    There also is an actual event called the “Fluxmass”. See here:


    …and Dave’s manifesto against “boredom” is the origin of the slogan.

    Well, Baseball season is almost over. This means that there will be plenty more nights to be not bored by our creative distraction.

    As far as “big plans” we have a couple more new members to have their work added and have received invitations to some collaborative projects from others as far as Germany. What I look forward to as far as big plans is a group show at some point. That will be a freak show.