My Friends

This is not an “overhead projector”:

It’s a Zeiss Mark VI projector for a planetarium.

John McCain referred to it twice last night as an “overhead projector”, my friends, because John McCain is a scoundrel and a liar. My friends, he knows damn well this isn’t an overhead projector. He knows damn well what people think of when they hear “overhead projector”. It’s why he called it that.

My friends, John McCain opposes this device not because it might have cost the government money (it didn’t) but because it’s used to teach science to kids (and adults). John McCain and the people who prop him up don’t want kids or adults to get too smart because then they won’t accept the anti-science and anti-intellectual hogwash that John McCain and his friends want to sell them. These people take a dim view towards anyone who might want to show a little interest in the world around them, my friends. John McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin, believes that dinosaurs and people coexisted. The Republican party is not a bunch of superstitious, gullible rubes, they just want Americans to be superstitious, gullible rubes, my friends. They want loyal and patriotic Americans to hate those “elitists” who think they’re so smart with their knowledge and questions and reading and everything. They want this because there’s no other way they can get people to give them money and power for doing nothing (actually, my friends, you’re doing okay if you’re just giving them money and power for doing nothing — usually they want to harm you and still have you give them money and power.)

My friends, please don’t buy the snake oil these hucksters are selling. I’m not talking about not voting for them; you do whatever you feel you need to in that department. I’m talking about buying into the idea that knowledge, science, learning, and questioning are wrong, elitist, uppity, and un-American. Do not be the idiot these people want you to be and want you to encourage others to be.

It’s not an “overhead projector”. It’s a planetarium projector, and it lets you see amazing things.

(More info here.)

(Incidentally, it’s not true that debates can’t change peoples’ minds. I went into last night’s feeling sorry for McCain, but now I think he can go fuck himself.)

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2 Responses to My Friends

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  2. Susan says:

    You know, during the debate I could tell that what he was talking about wasn’t an overhead projector, although I didn’t know it’s proper name. I am sure that anyone who has ever been to a planetarium (surely most people as children?) knew the same thing I did.

    Really, he need to have substituted some other word for planetarium for it to work…I don’t know…auditorium?