Five Out of Five Libertarians Don’t Give a Damn About the Other Four!

You may not be aware of it, but there’s an election coming up. Here in Massachusetts we’ll have a couple of questions on the ballot. There’s one about greyhound racing, one about marijuana decriminalization (don’t get excited, it’s not legalization) and then there’s Question 1, which seeks to remove the state income tax.

Naturally this is proposed by a bunch of Libertarians, who assure us that no essential services would be lost. But of course, “essential” to a Libertarian means “not anything that that particular Libertarian would miss.” In the political spectrum, a Libertarian falls somewhere between a three-year-old child and a puppy.

If the measure passes, then Massachusetts can say goodbye to $12 billion in revenue. Springfield specifically would do without $34 million. Does anyone really think we can take $34 million away from Springfield and not notice? Where would the money to pay for things like roads, schools, libraries, police, and fire come from?

The Libertarians have an answer to this: “Who cares? I just don’t want to pay taxes!” Their more specific answer is that there is 40% government waste, so the money would come from there. What plans they have for this waste to be identified and eliminated are sketchy at best. I suppose that once Springfield came up $34 million shy, the government officials would just quit buying solid gold monocles and platinum spats and get serious about spending for a change.

It seems laughable that for a city facing constant budget crises, a plan to take more money away from the city would get any support. But we Americans don’t think very well, and we’re a bit selfish, and we’ve all been trained to think that taxes are awful awful things that should be stopped instead of Money That Gets Shit Done.

Question 1 is an idiotic and reckless proposal. It’s a masturbatory fantasy for a bunch of self-absorbed jerks. If you live in Massachusetts, have the common sense to vote NO on it.

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4 Responses to Five Out of Five Libertarians Don’t Give a Damn About the Other Four!

  1. Otro Dave says:

    Libertarianism is the silliest political movement in the modern world, except maybe Rand’s Objectivism, which is inseparable from modern American libertarianism anyway. Ever see the non-lib faq? It’s pretty great.

  2. pronoblem says:

    I am scheduled to phone bank for the Vote No Q. 1 campaign next Tuesday. If you’d like to join in on the fun let me know. It is at Open Square in Holyoke.

  3. Wow. Personally, I abhor Libertarians more than most power-grabbing Republicans. While I lean a bit left, I’m not a Democrat, and certainly not Republican.

    And a friend of mine is of that ilk. An actual nice guy, but when we talk politics, it’s maddening. He can afford to be Libertarian, literally, as his family owns lots of banks in the area, and all college-educated and very opposed to government anything. For him, it doesn’t surprise me, as with their wealth, they see government as a constant rights intruders, a tax thief, and services to the idiots who are poor and lazy be damned.

    Good luck on defeating that moronic ballot issue.

  4. Otro Dave says:

    (chiming in again)
    Another thing I’ve noticed is that people I know who call themselves libertarians….aren’t. George Carlin said something to the effect that it’s a fashionable label for people who want to see “above it all” politically, which I think hits the target dead center. Almost always, when I’ve met a self-described Libertarian, or a registered Lib, a short conversation reveals that they’re essentially regular liberals or conservatives who may feel vaguely out of line with that philosophy. Tucson had a Libertarian (large L) mayoral candidate, a 20 something woman whose notoriety seemed to come mostly from newspaper ads where she posed in an American flag bikini. She was quoted in local papers as supporting public funding for social programs, parks, and pools. And all of that is great, but is totally out of whack with the Lib party platform, making me wonder exactly why she chose that affiliation. Bill Maher calls himself a Lib but very clearly is a liberal democrat in most regards, my friend Joe is a registered Lib but voted for Nader twice….What gives. They don’t get that a Lib is basically just a pot-smoking Republican.