Heck, It’s a Buncha Comics, You Betcha!

I was going to talk about last night’s debate, but I’m tired of that woman and her shtick. So instead it’s Previews time. Yes, I would rather look at a pile of useless and stupid Japanese crap than her.

Right out the gate we have the PICK OF THE MONTH:

Beanworld! Folks, you gotta get this. It’s unusual and funny and thoughtful and not like anything else on the stands. I say this only having read a single BEanworld book, but that one book I’ve read over and over and wished I had more. So I’m getting both the Beanworld Trade Vol 1 (p. 26) and the Beanworld Holiday Special (p. 27).

I’m also VERY excited about Mister X: Condemned (p. 28). I have both the Mister X trades and really enjoy this saga of madness, obsession, and architecture. When this new series is inevitably collected in trade, I’ll be getting it.

Gantz Vol 4 (p. 42) is solicited and thank goodness volume two comes out this week. Or was it last week? Either way, I’ll finally get to read a second volume before having to commit to a fourth one.

Jump to page 162. Jack Staff #20 is resolicited. Well, that was a nice monthly schedule while it lasted.

Okay, I don’t want to speak ill of the departed, but really:

Come on.

Fight or Run #1 (p. 242) — “The first issue of a brand new series by Kevin Huizenga. Using a minimalist approach, abstract and virtually wordless, Huizenga tackles the age-old theme of fight or flight. Two characters meet, ten fight — or run.” Okay, but only because I love you, Kevin Huizenga.

The Quest for the Missing Girl GN (p. 292) — I loved Taniguchi’s The Walking Man and this sure sounds good but man, the price. We’ll just have to see.

I’ll continue with Doctor Who: The Forgotten #5 (p. 305) and I’m really glad to see Doctor Who Classics Vol 2 (p. 305).

Miss Don’t Touch Me (p. 314) looks like a book I’m willing to gamble on.

Atomic Robo: The Dogs of War #5 (p. 322) is really something of a maverick.

I like Jeffrey Brown, so Sulk vol 2 (p. 336) is an easy choice.

On page 369 there’s a book offered: Creators of the Superheroes. My experience is, the less you know, the better.

The “Katchoo” action figure on page 413 comes in three variants: lesbian, not lesbian, possibly lesbian.

All of the merchandise for the Spirit movie — even more than Frank Miller’s name on it — convinces me it will be so very Not Good.

A quote from the solicitation text for some Star Wars action figures: “Sith. Jedi. Republic. Separatist. Empire. Rebellion. the struggle for the galaxy spanned generations…” Yes. Generations. Specifically, two of them.

Since the John McCain Action Figure (p. 453) doesn’t look anything like him, you’ll still be able to use it for years to represent any old rich white Republican politician! It’s not available in Germany, though, which I imagine is disappointing for so many Germans.


Suicide Girls Playing Cards (p. 482) — Cause sometimes you need to jerk it in a place that doesn’t have wi-fi.

And now I’ll end with something good:

That is one of the funnest games ever.

You betcha!

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    Do dudes actually get sprung looking at those statuettes? That’s disturbing?