Behold the Mackboop!

I’ve been in the market for a notebook computer for some time. I’d like something portable that I can work on so that I can go to Louisiana or Illinois or wherever and be able to do work for my employer and have all my tools and email and porn with me.

I wanted a Macbook, and was looking to save my pennies for one. For my birthday, Becky said, “Hey, I don’t know if you want a notebook or a Lego Death Star or an Xbox 360 or a Crokinole board more, so here’s $500 to put where you’d like it!” Shortly afterwards I sold some comics and trade paperbacks to my comic store for a nice $250. And then I sold some games on Boardgamegeek and cleared almost $200 more. A notebook was in my reach!

When I looked at the Macbook, however, I just couldn’t ignore the cost. I was looking at at least $500 more, easily, that I just couldn’t justify spending. I don’t doubt they’re great machines, but nobody opts for the Hyundai over the Mercedes because they think the former is the superior car.

So now I have a Dell-brand MacBook, called the “MackBoop”. Here are some of the stats on it:

Studio 1735, Intel Core 2 Duo T5750, 2.0GHz, 667Mhz, 2M L2 Cache
Ruby Red
3GB, DDR2, 2 Dimm
Hi Resolution, glossy widescreen 17.0 inch display (1440×900)
Intel Graphics Media Accelerate
250G 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive
Microsoft Windows Vista SP1 Home Premium Edition, English
8X Slot Load CD / DVD Burner (Dual Layer DVD+/-R Drive)
Integrated High Definition Audio 2.0
Dell Wireless 1397 802.11g Half Mini Card
Integrated 2.0M Pixel Webcam
56 WHr 6-cell Lithium Ion Primary Battery

Yeah, 17″ means it’s a Big Boy, but it’s going to be my main computer, so I wanted it to not be tiny. And I’m not going to be toting it to the coffee shop every day, just on a plane every now and then.

And here I am surfing the net…WHILE IN BED! WHAAAAAAA?

It has Vista on it, which I was a little leery of but decided I’d just get over. Microsoft rewarded my trust with having Vista crash within 6 hours of first turning the machine on — so hard that the only cure was to unplug the computer AND remove the battery. And also Vista comes with this awesome security feature that warns you if you’re about to do something that will change your system in an alarming way, such as creating a new folder. Yes, it warned me I was about to create a new folder.

It took me a long time to find out where to turn off this idiotic safety feature and even then it whined about how disabling it would allow Al-Qaeda operatives to set up dangerous new folders on my machine, but I finally killed it. I had to mute the volume to avoid hearing this feature sing “Daisy” as I confirmed the seventeenth dialog box asking if I REALLY wanted to cause untold devastation on my machine.

Since then I’ve had no problems at all, and things are more or less working. I’ve gotten used to the different keyboard and the touchpad (I still use the mouse at my desk) a lot faster than I thought I would, and I’m getting everything set up and settled in.

And yes, it plays Diablo II just fine.

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11 Responses to Behold the Mackboop!

  1. sean says:

    But will Diablo III play just fine? Hmmmmmm?

    *Twists non existent mustache and laughs evilly.*

  2. Dave says:

    I had no hope of playing D3 anyway. If it does, that will be awesome.

  3. blasterhappy says:

    Congrats on the new Comp. I’m a Vista hater. When Dad bought a new comp and it ran sooooooo sllllloooooooooowwwwww I wiped it and installed XP which was a 3 day ordeal. I know I will eventually have to give in but when I do it will be Kicking and Screaming! I will be buying a new laptop for my daughter for college soon so I guess that will prepare me for the inevitable.

  4. esthela says:

    I hate vista. No, wait, I HATE vista. I feel like my laptop keeps me around so I can turn it on every few days and it’ll get its rocks off by doing updates for 2 hours. I am my laptop’s enabler. Vista updates are my laptop’s cocaine. I hate vista, I don’t know why I haven’t “downgraded” back to XP yet. Also, I still have no idea how to find anything on it, but that might not necessarily be Vista’s fault, its just now the scapegoat for everything If *I* have no idea how to do something on my laptop anymore. I think you’ll be posting a retraction soon..

  5. Dave says:

    Oh, I turned updates off. I’m not Microsoft’s beta tester.

  6. Albatross says:

    Well…we’re running 3 Vista systems at work (and 2 XP’s and 2 Leopards) and they have crashed maybe…three times each in the past 1-2 years, depending on the system. None serious. No real practical slowdown (though they obviously tax heavier), even running Adobe Suite CS3. No video apps except transcoding, which is data, just video data. I’ve had to search for a few patches, and run into some compatibility problems with small proprietary heavy companies. We update them constantly. Soooo…results vary? I’m not seeing a ton of difference among any of these platforms, though they do all have nuanced pains.

  7. esthela says:

    I know! Ken keeps telling me to do that too, but naturally I have no idea how and by the time it’s done updating I’ve lost interest and it’s automatically shut itself down after letting out a long gratifying sigh anyway–so the last thing I want to do is turn it back on. It’s like I have no control over it, it’s just it’s own being. This has clearly turned into more than just a vista rant hasn’t it? I need a new laptop anyway, I tripped over the cord and sent this one flying off the table across the room like 10 feet. Just a fun fact. Yeah, anyway, Vista is still awful.

  8. Albatross says:

    I feel I should note at this point that Leopard, the end-all-be-all OS, has absolute an absolute crap system for defining and regulating users. Also, frankly, the holy Apple is probably among the most devious corporate self-promoting entity around. Alternative? Ask the Linux folks, who suffer simply because they can’t put together a big enough movement to make their great idea realistic to adopt for small businesses nonetheless everyday users (who’s experience is essentially driven by business adoption). Do you want ease of use out of the box? Do you want it cheap or free? Do you want widespread integration? Do you want to be free of intentionally limiting factors manipulated by market identity? Pick one.

  9. Shawn Fumo says:

    I got my first Laptop earlier this year (a Toshiba 17″) and have been pretty happy with it. I was apprehensive about Vista as well, but it hasn’t given me many issues. Unfortunately it’s a pain to “downgrade” a lot of laptops to XP these days because not all the drivers may be available.

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