Email Conversation

Thiel: Hmm…methinks he’s rather overpowered.

Me: Are you unaware that he’s Designed Only for Killing?

Christine: Okay, I can’t tell if you’re kidding or not, and Chris isn’t around for me to ask. Is he really Designed Only for Killing? And if so, what’s the M.O. for? Mo’ killing?

Me: I like your answer better, but M.O. = Mental Organism.

Thiel: If I was designing something only for killing, I’d give it a bit more locomotive power. And a head that wasn’t so laughably oversized.

Me: Well I, for one, welcome our new Mental Organism overlords.

Chris: David, let me explain something to you: His head is oversized because he’s a Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing. You know how you can’t kill people with your mind? That’s because it’s too small. Big mind = big head = withering brain blast.

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