Well, James Asked For More of This Sort of Thing…

So we’re back from Louisiana, fine trip, saw relatives, BLAH BLAH BLAH. That’s not what’s important here. The important part is, last night we were enjoying sleeping in our own bed again when I heard an odd noise. I listened closely and heard it again, but wasn’t sure what it was. Then I heard it very loud, next to my head: a distinct flapping sound.

“Beck,” I said. “I need to turn on the light.” It was one o’clock in the morning. “There’s a critter in the house.”

I did so and sure enough, we saw our visitor: a bat.

Not Kitchen Bat, this one was slightly larger and more black than brown. He was also very confused and kept flying an arc back and forth across the bedroom.

I got up, opened the bathroom window, and tried to coax it out, but it wasn’t cooperating. I know that bats here are generally harmless and not much interested in bothering people, but it’s hard not to be freaked out with a black thing flapping towards you. Becky and I are, after all, a cowardly and superstitious lot.

Finally I got him out…or so I thought. Returning to bed and turning the lights off again we heard Bat Flying (Reprise). He was still inside, and still trying unsuccessfully to get out. (Beebo had been under the covers for the first round, but this time he was up and trying to bite at it.)

Re-opening the window and closing the door, I tried again to get him towards it but could see he needed some help. So I got a plastic clothes basket to use as a cage/net. Eventually I caught him with it and shook him out the window where he was no doubt much happier. Before doing so, however, I managed to catch this video. (You’ll have to turn your monitor or head sideways for it.)

(This is the “master bath” attached to the bedroom.)

No idea how he got in, but we had no more intrusions after that.

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8 Responses to Well, James Asked For More of This Sort of Thing…

  1. sean says:

    Damn it, Head Tilt tech is trademarked so I can’t use it.

    I’m so dizzy.

  2. Kurt says:

    I thought for sure we’d see some nekkid Dave in the mirror. What a tease.

  3. Dave says:

    [Kurt] Silly Q: Why did you take video holding the camera sideways?

    [Dave] he was going up and down a lot so I wanted to get more. it’s QUITE possible that being woken at 1am by a bat in my room had me thinking less than optimally

  4. Bully says:

    It is an omen! That’s it, Father…I shall become…

    Ah, you know the rest.

  5. Mrs. Mancer says:

    Anne, Stew–

    You’re veterans of this kind of encounter, I recall. Any advice?

  6. esthela says:

    no amount of turning up the volume made your scream audible, because really.. you did scream when it flew right over your head, right?

  7. Anne says:

    Ah, you’re referring to the Danville, Illinois bed-and-breakfast incident. That bat was very civilized and gracefully swooped out the door when I opened it. Unlike your godless liberal East Coast bats, Midwestern bats have values.