The Halfway Point

I think I’ve mentioned before that I’ve always felt for some reaosn that I’m on this ride for 80 spins, and then I’m done. If that’s the case, then today’s the halfway point.

When I was a kid, I thought about the year 2000 and how I’d be 32 when it came. Thirty-two! I couldn’t imagine myself at that advanced age. Now here I am at forty, and it doesn’t feel very different from, say, thirty.

Becky’s already told me that if I’m going to have a mid-life crisis and it comes down to a tattoo, sports car, or mistress, go with the tattoo, as it’s cheaper. I’m thinking a red 2×4 lego brick.

I’m not a big birthday party kind of guy but as long as I’m in Baton Rouge there might be some Abita Amber this evening…

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17 Responses to The Halfway Point

  1. Mikester says:

    Happy birthday, Dave!

  2. Jerm says:

    Happy Birthday :)

  3. David Thiel says:

    Happy birthday, old man! You’re good to go ’til 2048!

  4. Kitty says:

    Congrats, fella!

  5. Krissi says:

    Happy Birthday..According to Krissi logic you get to celebrate for a whole week. :)

  6. Brady says:

    Happy birthday, Dave. I think you’re wrong about 80, though. If only the good die young, I think you’ll live to see 82 and a half. ;)

  7. Anne says:

    Happy Birthday Dave! I thought your 40th birthday plan was to shave your head, get a tattoo on your skull and then grow your hair out again.

  8. Andrew Weiss says:

    Happy big 4-0, Dave!

  9. Vicky says:

    Happy Birthday Dave! I thought your choices for a mid-life crisis were sports car, mistress, or Lego dollhouse.

  10. mattwran says:

    How about a tattoo of your mistress riding in a sports car? Happy Birthday!

  11. Stewart says:

    Welcome to bifocals, bitch! Have a wonderful birthday…

  12. blasterhappy says:

    Happy Birthday! Have a beer for me while I’m working away in Kentucky. Sorry I missed you this week. Maybe when you get home you will have a shiny new Lego Death Star! As far as a Tattoo I think a Flaming Lego Brick would be COOOOOOL!

  13. Lanf says:

    Happy birthday mate!

  14. bugink says:


  15. pronoblem says:

    Happy Birthday!!!

  16. Happy B-day, Dave. Having hit the 4-0 last summer, it was kind of fun, but I must admit that 41 this year was a bit odd for me. Not the iconic 40, and another step toward 50. We have an 8th grader now, so life is going quickly these days. I think you’re not old until you hit 80. One of my favorite movie lines, al la Burgess Meredith: “One day you wake up and you realize you’re not 82 anymore”.

  17. Dan says:

    Sweet god you are OLD!

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Apple Cake!