15 Years!

Today is our fifteenth anniversary! Wow! Fifteen!

I’m a very lucky guy!

I love you, honey!

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10 Responses to 15 Years!

  1. Dave says:

    Even Lego Diem is celebrating!

  2. Jeff says:

    Congratulations! Isn’t 15 the Death Star anniversary?

  3. Dave says:

    It’s the Crystal Anniversary!

  4. David Thiel says:

    You and I are both lucky, Dave, for having wives willing to put up with us for so long!

    Congrats to the two of you!

  5. Ken Lowery says:

    It’s weird to see you happy.

    But congrats!

  6. bugink says:

    congrats! you two are super cute

  7. Chris says:

    Wow. Can it really be 15 years ago that I saw you last? You looked so tremendously happy that day, as did Becky. Both of you still look happy in the photos that I’ve seen since. Congratulations to the both of you on finding a relationship that has worked so well.

  8. mattwran says:

    Congratulations! And thanks, this reminded me that today is also my parents anniversary – I totally look like a Devoted Son now.

  9. Blasterhappy says:

    Congrats on your 15th Anniversary!