Beebo Week: On the Origin of the Beebo

Far as I can tell, we got Beebo in January of 1998 (I thought it was 1999, but signs point otherwise.) Our previous dog, Spud the Chihuahua, had passed away a few months previous and we were grieving pretty hard. I wanted another dog bad.

Our apartment was pretty small for a dog unless it was a tiny dog, so we headed out to the Humane Society in search of a wee little pup. They had a bunch of dogs there because the shelter in Clinton had called the Champaign shelter before Christmas, asking if they had room for more animals. Champaign said they were full. “Okay, then,” said Clinton. “Nobody’s going to be here over the holidays, so we’re just gonna put all these animals to sleep.” Suddenly Champaign felt it could make room for more.

One of those refugees had a temporary shelter name of “Mistletoe”. We looked her over, but she was really hyper and wouldn’t have done well in our little apartment. We then turned to “El Nino,” another refugee, who had a sign on his cage saying he was shy. We took him into the “Get to know you room” and he completely ignored us, electing instead to smell the entire perimeter of the room before heading into the center of it and pooping. Right then we knew this was the dog for us. He became Beebo.

The vet at the time estimated he was about three years old, which would make him thirteen now!

The shelter claimed he was a Chihuahua/Terrier mix, which we knew was foolishness but didn’t have any better ideas. Occasionally I would ask someone who might know what they thought he was and they would say something like, “He looks a bit like a Lithuanian Rabbit Spaniel” or something and I would be all, “Uh, he came from Clinton, Illinois.” Now we think he’s a Puggle, a Pug-Beagle mix (among probably other things.)

Where’d the name come from? It was sort of a nonsense word I used. I think I had originally gotten it off of a line of snacks sold out of vending machines.

I had used it for various D&D character names, usually for one-shot, throwaway characters. (At one point my friend Chris was looking through old issues of Dragon magazine and found an ad for a computer program for creating D&D characters. On the sample screen the character’s name is “Beebo”.)

I have to admit I didn’t get along well with Beebo at first. He was too different from Spud and I was still getting over the loss and I just wasn’t patient with him. But in time everything worked out.

I can’t find the pictures from when we first got him. He walked around the house with his tongue lolling out and it seemed to be about 15 yards long. But here he is not long afterwards in his Mardi Gras costume. He’s an angel. (He had a halo too but he didn’t keep it on well.)

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9 Responses to Beebo Week: On the Origin of the Beebo

  1. mattwran says:

    “And no wonder! Even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is not strange if his ministers also disguise themselves as ministers of righteousness.”

  2. pronoblem says:

    Good to know. I always thought that Beebo was a nickname for Beelzebub.

  3. blasterhappy says:

    Wasn’t the name of the little mechanical owl on Clash of the Titans also named Beebo? Or was it Boobo?

  4. Stewart says:

    Great origin story and photo, Dave. When does the part about the radioactive spider come in? And what about Beebo’s parents and that fateful night downtown at the opera?

  5. Otro Dave says:


  6. Dave says:

    That was Bubo, blasterhappy.

    And for the people who only have bad things to say about our wonderful dog, there are hundreds of other blogs on the internet where you can talk bad about Beebo. You can go to one of them.

    Trust me, we’re not whitewashing anything. Try to save your horror stories and insults for Thursday.

  7. Beebo’s a great dog. I eagerly anticipate the now-empty treat box story (if this is Beebo week and you are tellin’ stories), and the smell of Satan’s armpits after pilates story. Good times. Beebo used to love to scrap around with totally empty fast food bags on the floor in the basement, which I found amusing.

  8. Lanf says:

    Beebo was indispensable during kingdom wars on medievia.

  9. David Thiel says:

    Me, I love Beebo! My wife and I went up to visit Dave and Becky a couple of years back. It was cool to see them again and all, but what really jazzed me was the chance to get reacquainted with my favorite named-after-a-vending-machine-snack dog.

    Granted, it helps that Beebo never bit me. Okay, he did nip at my pants leg. And he growled at my wife, but she admits that was entirely her fault.

    Still, I will hear no criticism of Beebo. He’s a cute, little puggle who I used to love to scratch behind the ears during his calmer states.