Movie Night!

Tonight, as you may have heard somewhere, is the opening night for Batman: The Dark Knight.

So naturally, we’re going to the movies.

To see Hellboy 2.

I figure we’ll have the entire theater to ourselves!

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3 Responses to Movie Night!

  1. kevjohn says:

    Or you can do what I did and go see Foot Fist Way and GUARANTEE you’ll have the theater to yourselves!

  2. David Thiel says:

    We also went to Hellboy 2 tonight, and while we did not have the theater to ourselves, there were perhaps 15 people there. About midday, the multiplex in question canceled all of the evening showings on one of the two screens originally slated for Hellboy to accommodate Dark Knight overflow. And yes, the place was Bat-nuts. Short of a Star Wars midnight premiere, I can’t recall the last time I’ve seen anything like it.

  3. Dave says:

    I liked it! And not only were we not alone, but even with only a dozen or so people in the theater three of them still managed to be teenaged shits who couldn’t sit still and shut up.

    When we went into the 7:00 Hellboy show there weren’t huge lines for Batman. Coming out, though, it was wall-to-wall geek.