Imperial Troops Have Entered the Base! Imperial Troops Have Entered the *ksssshhhxxx*

Well, entered and seemingly left. That blog post of mine concerning what I feel is a more casual attitude towards the trappings of fascism in America, using Stormtroopers as an example, got linked on io9, as well as a few other places, and some folks from the 501st Legion came in to set me straight on their organization. Most people were pretty polite and eventually I think I got across what my point was supposed to be and that I wasn’t calling them fascists. That was exciting, but it looks like it’s pretty much run its course, so we can get back to other discussions.

Fig. 1: Pornography.

So what is it with anime fans, anyway? How come every one of them, without exception, is a pedophile?

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22 Responses to Imperial Troops Have Entered the Base! Imperial Troops Have Entered the *ksssshhhxxx*

  1. Blasterhappy says:

    Oh Crap! Here we go again!

  2. threegee says:

    So, tell me sir, when did you stop beating your wife?

  3. Lanf says:

    Dude. Totoro is HOT. King of the Forest? King of my heart!

  4. Slacker says:

    Oh come on? Evangelion, that is the best example of “pornography” you could come up with from anime!?! There’s only one really messed up scene in that whole series (the hospital scene with Rei and Kenji). To illustrate your point you should really be using Elfen Lied. Now that is some f&#$ed up shit! LOL

    Besides, there is plenty of anime that has nothing at all like that. Look at most of Hiyao Miyazki’s work. Pretty much everything at Studio Ghibli is clean family entertainment. Last Exile is another good example.

    Really, its just that the Japanese have a different set of cultural norms when it comes to nudity/sex. They see no issue with insert it into childrens shows (and yes much of anime really is view as children shows in Japan). So, when it comes over here and we watch it, there is no way avoid those aspects of their culture.

  5. Ken Lowery says:

    Honestly, Dave, it’s that we don’t have the sophistication to grasp Japan’s mature and uninhibited treatment of child-fucking. *sigh* Westerners, am I right? LOL!

  6. Dorian says:

    BINGO! Thanks, Slacker! “Different set of cultural norms” was the phrase I needed to fill in the row!

  7. David Thiel says:

    Sigh…irony isn’t dead, it’s invisible.

  8. Lanf says:

    I agree with Slacker; Miyazaki’s best known anime, “Ghost in the Shell,” rellly isn’t porno even if it has some naked lesbian scenes. They’re just cool with it in Japan, you know.

  9. Slacker says:

    “Ghost in the Shell” is a Masamune Shirow thing, not Miyazaki. But that is beside the point.

    At least for me, “Ghost in the Shell” cannot be considered pornographic (and there’s only naked lesbian scenes in the manga, not the anime). There is some nudity in original movie, but it is not sexualized at all. It is just done off hand and no particular import is given to the fact. There isn’t even a single scene of sex in the entire movie. Come to think of it, I don’t believe there is even anything so much as a single kiss at all.

    Let’s compare that to American action movies, they almost invariably have a romantic interest for the lead star with a requisite sex scene implied even if in those films that don’t show it on screen. Would you consider these pornography?

  10. Lanf says:

    Geez Slacker, way to nit-pick. Next you’ll tell me that Sun Tzu didn’t really write Book of 5 Rings!

  11. Ken Lowery says:

    This is tragic.

  12. Bully says:

    Internet in Missing the Point Shocker!

  13. Mrs. Mancer says:

    Mr. Mancer–I am spending my “I told you so” for July here, now.

  14. roomtemp says:

    hold on now–she only gets ONE A MONTH? somebody needs to tell that to my better half …

  15. Chris Sims says:

    I think this is getting away from the larger point here, which isn’t that all anime fans are kidfuckers–which is true–but that Dave wants to know why.

  16. Lick my balls J. WOOD! says:

    Cuz all anime fans have-a very-a smalla penis…uh-s-so small…

  17. T. Derscheid says:

    The real question is why most anime fans will tolerate any sort of horrible garbage, as long as it has subtitles. (To prove it, I’ve seen Aquarion. Whew. It had visible lines of stink coming off of it and I still watched it all.)

  18. pronoblem says:

    I was going to comment on that Star Wars post. I just don’t understand the fascination with the whole Star Wars thing in general. It’s a kids movie, it is campy and silly… not horrible, just not that great at all. Maybe I am a little jaded from my memory of seeing the first film as a six year old. When we got home from the cinema my brother asked me if I wanted to play Star Wars and of course I did. He made me put an aluminum trash can the smelled like kimchi over my head. “Here, you be R2D2 and I’ll be a Jawa”. Then he sent me to the emergency room with a brick to the top of the trash can. FYI: Trash cans do not make good helmets.

    As far as Anime, like most things I apply the 80/20 rule. I’ve seen a few great things… Samurai 7 was really worth the 10 hours. Rarely do I spend that much time watching any television show or movie. I’d even watch it again…

  19. kevjohn says:

    Dammit! Now I’ll never be able to enjoy watching Gunslinger Girl again.

    …Or will I? ;)