Fallout 3 Screenshots!

I totally need to start saving up my pennies for an Xbox 360! I’ve been seeing some screenshots for Fallout 3 and man, it looks awesome and not at all like just about any other goddamned first-person shooter that seems to be the only games that are available these days that don’t come with guitar controllers. Check out this screenshot!

And not only that, but some screenshots of Crusader: No Return are also leaking. This is a sequel to Crusader: No Remorse, one of my favorite PC games that I thought I’d never be able to play again. Of course, the old game was kind of clunky, so it’s been jazzed up for modern gamers.

On the fantasy gaming front, it looks like the Icewind Dale series is getting a third episode on the Xbox as well! In this screenshot, an elf is taking down what looks like an Intellect Devourer or Rust Monster:

And here’s a sneak preview of the upcoming SimFarm 360 from Maxis!

Here’s Asteroids!

Katamari Celebration!

And Microsoft’s best-loved game finally makes it to the 360: FreeCell Infinity:

Yes sir, dropping some cash on an Xbox is going to open up a whole world of new gaming experiences for me!

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3 Responses to Fallout 3 Screenshots!

  1. Lanf says:

    When is Nientendo going to release the new Mario FPS?

  2. Jerm says:

    I’ve been hungrily awaiting the new Tetris FPS. I hear the tagline is “Shoot the shit out of these giant, gorgeously rendered blocks, before they are set into place by a powerful unknown force!”

  3. T. Derscheid says:

    Man, I must have played the free 360 demo of X-Com: UFO Defense a hundred times. Couldn’t help it, everyone in America got one in their cereal boxes. I especially liked how once I downloaded the full version, my work in the demo unlocked some cool secret missions in the “real deal”.