Okay, I’ve dosed up with vitamin C, I’ve got Poison Control on speed dial, and I’m suited up.

Time to look through Previews!

I’m going to try something different this time. Instead of the usual bold and italic, I’m going with stoplight colors. Green is something I’m definitely getting, Yellow is something I’m thinking about, and Red is an item that is merely dancing for my cruel pleasure.

Halloween Mini-Comics (p. 21) — I think this is a great idea. While I don’t approve of using Halloween as an opportunity to press your faith on others by giving them comics, toothbrushes, Bible tracts, or — and I swear someone on BGG suggested this — pieces from board games, having such things as options for kids who would like them seems fair enough. These are small kid-friendly books sold in packs of 25 for three bucks that you can dole out to avoid the dreaded “tricks”. They come in flavors of Archie, Bone, Peanuts, Donald Duck, and Cowa!, and I’m leaning towards the Peanuts one with maybe Archie or Bone to balance it out.

Speak of the Devil (p. 32) — It’s Gilbert Hernandez and it sounds pretty good and I’ve heard good things about it, but is this a keeper? Is it something I’ll read again and again? Or would it be better to get this from the library?

BPRD vol 9: 1946 (p. 38) — So there’s just gonna be at least one Hellboy-related trade a month then, is there?

Rex Mundi vol 5: Valley at the End of the World (p. 41) — Volumes 3 and 4 are on my to-read stack, so I’ll have to hit them before I decide to move on or not.

The Spirit #21 (p. 80) — I finally caught up on this title and man, I am just not loving the Evanier/Aragones issues. They feel like someone goofing with the character instead of someone trying to do a legitimate continuation/adaptation. I don’t need the book to just ape Eisner, but there’s a definite feel missing from these stories. Also, the recent mummy storyline was just godawful. so I’m dropping this one.

The Spirit: Femmes Fatale (p. 87) — Speaking of which, here’s some actual Eisner Spirit I’d rather put money towards.

Showcase Presents (p. 86) — I can pass on World’s Finest and Brave and the Bold, which is good because I have to finish the latest Green Lantern, Flash, and Batman volumes. Here’s Green Lantern, by the way, who’s been kind of lonely since Carol Ferris dumped him:

NOTE: I have a feeling that if you just wait until a couple weeks after the movie comes out, you’ll be able to get all the Watchmen-related merchandise you want at bargain-bin prices!

Red Rocket 7 TP (p. 147) — I found this sort of interesting-looking when it first came out. Was it any good? Worth getting?

Vignettes: The Director’s Cut TP (p. 159) — “Before Image, before his superhero work, JIM VALENTINO was known as one of the brightest practitioners of auto-bio alternative comix!” Really? He was? Really?

M Theory (p. 162) and Zero G (p. 172) — God help me, two Top Cow books that look interesting! This suit must have a leak in it somewhere!

Microwave Figure (p. 250) — I thought Jeffrey Brown’s Incredible Change-Bots was hilarious. And I laugh laugh laughed at this single image:

So a figure based on it? I might be down for it. But holy crap. FORTY DOLLARS? For a 6″ vinyl figure? You have lost your crappy comics producing minds, Devil’s Due.

Aya of Yop City (p. 274) — (Oh, I forgot to mention. Blue is for things I’m commenting on without snark.) I really need to get the graphic novel this is a sequel to. I’ve seen it jillions of times in bookstores and heard good things about it, but for some reason I never picked it up.

Slow Storm (p. 285) — I know nothing about this except what the blurb says, but that and the fact that it’s from First Second may be enough.

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century vol 1 (p. 292) — I would LOVE to have this collection of newspaper strips, but it’s kind of pricey. It might just have to go on my Amazon wish list.

Doctor Who: The Forgotten #2 (p. 299) — These comics so far are just non-good enough to make me consider not getting them but just passable enough for me to not act on the first instinct. I’m giving it a few issues to fall on one side or the other.

Wasteland #20 (p. 314) — Unlike Chris Sims, who recently revealed that he had stopped getting Wasteland and in fact was using his back issues as toilet paper, I wouldn’t dream of a Previews order that didn’t include the latest issue.

Atomic Robo: The Dogs of War #2 (p. 325) — Can’t wait for this series to start!

It depresses me to see Viz’s section of the catalog starting to look like Tokyopop’s. Fortunately the Manga bubble is here to stay and never will burst!!

Pages 412-413: Hey comics fans! Are you upset that they don’t make underoos in your size? Worry no more!

Seriously, what is the deal with the entire “Designer Toys” section? Who buys these?

On page 500 is an item that I’ll never get but damn if I can’t say it doesn’t tempt me.

It’s this sort of thing that makes me realize how easily I could fall into the putrid bowls of total geekdom.

On the other hand:

Dude! Chewbacca’s totally trying to hump you!

(The judges also would have accepted, “Biggs’ heroin habit was like a wookiee on his back.”)

Not a lot of green this month, which is actually a relief, since previous months have extracted a fair share of green from me. As always, if there’s something you want to guide me towards or warn me away from, feel free to comment!

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  1. PhilipF says:

    I don’t know about “one of the brightest practitioners”, but I remember Valentino’s auto-biographical comics being pretty good. Certainly better than “Shadowhawk.”

  2. blasterhappy says:

    I think the only thing funnier than a Wookie backpack would be a Wookie fannypack.

  3. zc says:

    I have to agree with you on the Evanier/Aragones Spirit issues… I do feel bad for them for having to follow Darwyn Cooke’s run on the book, but they are honestly just not that good.

  4. googum says:

    Shop Red Rocket 7 around: it’s interesting, even if the ending really annoys me and it veers into Forrest Gump territory a little too much for its own good. Still, great art.