Raiders of the Lost Images III

Time to dip into the image folder again to see what kind of nonsense I came up with in the past six months.

This was an email I received. I wanted to turn “WHAT YOU HAVE MAKE???????” into an Internet meme, but it never took off.

Sal Mineo goes and cries about it:

Beep beep! Artcomix coming through!

I made this to celebrate Bring It On Week but it was unloved:

Speaking of Chris Sims, here he is meeting Street Angel’s Jim Rugg:

And here he is having an unfortunate mishap with the tree he drives:

He also had a contest requiring people to recap a comic in 30 seconds with crayons. My entry, recapping The Legion of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier, didn’t win:

And here’s a quick recap of Adrian Tomine’s critical-favorite comic, Shortcomings:

I really have grown to dislike the game Bang!:

Hey Mike Sterling, did you know Swamp Thing is now on Hulu?


The Movie Poster Series, Part One:

The Movie Poster Series, Part Two:

The Movie Poster Series, Part Three:

Meet Jeff!

I’m going to assume there are no children there.

The monster from the Doctor Who episode “Midnight” revealed!

It sure is, Oscar.

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3 Responses to Raiders of the Lost Images III

  1. Andrew Weiss says:

    Hey, I know that pumpkin pughuahua! (He’s currently hiding under the bed because he’s scared of thunder.)

  2. Lanf says:

    Sweet, sweet macra. Is there anywhere they can’t live?

  3. David Thiel says:

    I always wonder what you do with these after you send ’em to me. Glad to see that they have a second life. (Still love the Macra; it never gets old.)

    Also, glad to see that you share my feelings about “Bang!”