Thrown Down a Well Comics

This goes out to all you folks who seem to think that admitting you’re an asshole somehow makes you less of one. (Hint: it makes you more of one.)

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12 Responses to Thrown Down a Well Comics

  1. Andrew Weiss says:

    Why must you hate on tossing-down-the-well scene?

  2. Dr. K says:

    Hey, don’t hate on him. That well-tossing dude is just keeping it real.

  3. Mark Hale says:

    Also, he is telling it like it is. Don’t forget that.

  4. Tom Foss says:

    He’s just being politically incorrect.

  5. Ken Lowery says:

    He’s just saying what we’re all thinking…

  6. Jon Hendry says:

    Is this from Borat’s “Throw The Jew Down The Well” Make Fun Time Comix?

  7. Otro Dave says:

    Dude needs to just cowboy up ;-)

  8. Onetruejp says:

    Well, sure. but now we know you know. Salt, wound, Spider-man, etc.

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  10. kevjohn says:

    I determined years ago that white guys calling themselves asshole was the equivalent of black guys calling themselves pimps. They’re taking something that used to have negative connotations and trying to make it into a positive attribute. Trying.

    Asshole, the Pimp