While You Were All Playing on Your X-Cubes and WeeStations

When we last left Uvula the Druid in Diablo II, he was just starting out, with a wolf pal and a lady mercenary.

Well, last night, Uvula accomplished something I’d been unable to accomplish before last night!

Woo! I defeated Baal on Nightmare and now am on Hell level! This is a very exciting time for Uvula and myself, so much so that I’m letting Becky go on to Spain without me so I can stay here and play more!

Here’s my current running crew:

That’s Razan the Mercenary, three Ravens (I think I can have four, actually, but I only had three at the time) what can peck peoples eyes out, and three — count ’em! — three dire wolves! Sometimes I can just sit back and let my boys chew through a bad guy if I don’t feel like getting up out of my chair.

This is my weapon of choice. Tick me off and I’m coming after you with a huge freakin’ club with a skull on the end of it. Actually, it’s way past time I upgraded it. I’m hoping Hell level will throw something better my way.

I’ve only explored a little on Hell level but already it’s beating my butt. This zombie here?

Yeah, they are WAY freakin’ tougher than I’m used to zombies being. And some of them little porcupine things were cleaning my clock with unsettling regularity!

So you just go ahead and play your next generation systems with your bump mapping and fog and downloadable content and games from this century. Uvula and I are still enjoying Diablo II!

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2 Responses to While You Were All Playing on Your X-Cubes and WeeStations

  1. Blasterhappy says:

    Oh Yeah! Well I see your Diablo II and raise you a Commodore 64 Zork and 5 level DOS Promo of DOOM.

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