No More.

No more leg.

No more home.

No more son.

No more golf.

Bush says gave up golf in solidarity with Iraq dead

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11 Responses to No More.

  1. Cookie McCool says:

    I hope this isn’t seen as disrespectful, because I live in perpetual fear of my brother getting
    called back to Irq for some more years, but man, robot legs are HOT. Seriously extra hot. And
    awesomely robotic.

  2. Ken Lowery says:


    What the fuck.

  3. Bully says:

    Point: successfully missed.

  4. pronoblem says:

    It’s over soon. Well, maybe not the war…

  5. esthela says:

    but it was worth it a whole year before that?

  6. blasterhappy says:

    I’d say he gave up golf because he sucked at it, much like being President. Wish he would give that up too.

  7. Albatross says:

    Is it that Bush thought giving up golf was significant? Is it that someone wanted to juxtapose the opulence of someone giving up golf with the war torn stratus of lower Earth citizenry? Or is it that someone was undermining and destroying anything that’s left of the concept of newsworthiness?

  8. pronoblem says:

    The first two, Albatross… I was watching Democracy Now Last night and they put this brief in between pictures of dead Iraqi children and war town villages just as Lego did above. I certainly think it is newsworthy to make a buffoon out of this man, he’s the president after all and this is the state of our nation… led by idiocy.

  9. Dave says:

    And naturally, as usual, he was lying about it.

  10. Albatross says:

    pronoblem, I’d venture all three. It’s hard to really judge the tambre of this statement. Was it offhand? Was it, “Crap, man, I can’t golf at a time like this!”, or was it “I’m having a press conference to announce I’m giving up golf for these families!”. There are literally thousands of ways to demonstrate the horror that has been GWB. Perhaps the thinking is everyone has to have good propaganda. My thought is to train people how to sift through propaganda.

  11. Another Dave says:

    Did someone slip acid in my tea this morning or am I actually reading this?