If I Turn Up Missing Soon, This is Probably Why

Last night I dreamed that I had Googled “cate blanchett nude scene” and nothing came up. Somehow I learned of a movie called “Encore” that she was in, and I guess that was one with a nude scene but it had been “hushed up” — so much so that eventually as I was looking for this movie there were dudes coming after me trying to kill me.

I’m now thinking I should write this up. I believe it would make a fun movie. I envision Cate Blanchett living in some kind of penthouse lair at the top of a skyscraper, sending out hitmen to remove people who get too close to finding out about “Encore”.

According to IMDB, she has not been in a movie called “Encore”. According to IMDB…

I’m not sure what prompted this, though I did get a Lego set this weekend with this minifig in it:

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