GBI: Crazy Flipper Fingers

Next up on GUEST BLOGGER IDOL is ANNE. Anne has this to say about herself:

Who needs to give a bio when we’ve got memes?

Last Road Trip: A six hour drive to Mammoth Lakes, CA from Las Vegas, NV. Our then 2.5 month old, Jill, slept almost the whole way while our five year-old, Sydney, initiated that time-tested mantra, “Are we there yet?” We drove past legal brothels, once-booming-now-busted mining towns, and scary places like The Clown Motel.
Last Bad Advice: Chicken cooked at high temperatures doesn’t have to be refrigerated.
Last Movie I Saw in a Theater: Enchanted. Enjoyed it.
Last TV Show Watched: I’m embarrassed to admit it—Work Out on Bravo.
Last TV Show I Enjoyed Watching: Wait for it…..How I Met Your Mother.
Last Book I Tried to Read: The Classic Fairy Tales by Iona Opie and Peter Opie. Traces the gruesome and disturbing precursors of well-known fairy tales.
Last Thing I Left Home Without: My infant daughter. (Don’t get in a snit, people. My husband was with her.)
Last Take Out Meal: Burger King. So gross and yet so good.
Last Item Loaned Out and Haven’t Gotten Back: A videotape of movie clips. Ah well—who really watches VHS anymore?
Last New Words Added to Vocabulary: Meme—it had much broader and more complex associations than I thought.
Last New Word of a Foreign Language Learned: Does a package of frozen methi malai chicken count?
Last Web Site Visited:
Last Injury: Bubble mix in my eye. My ophthalmologist husband warned me to wear eye protection, but I didn’t listen. It burns! It burns!
Last Run In with the Law: Let’s just say that I won.
Last Place I’d Want to Live: Anyplace lacking basic human rights or basic sanitation. And the Deep South.
Last Magazine Read: Harper’s
Last Thing I Broke: Shower grout
Last Thing I Fixed: Shower grout
Last Thing That Made Me Laugh: My daughters
Last Thing That Made Me Go Huh? My daughters

And here is Anne’s audition post.


Just last month, Crave Entertainment announced the release of Pinball Hall of Fame—The Williams Collection for the Playstation 2, PSP and Wii. Apparently, this game painstakingly recreates some of the most classic and popular pinball machines of the 1980s. I live in Las Vegas where everything is recreated–Venice, Paris, ancient Rome, Elvis—but when it comes to pinball, we have the real thing. Just four miles away from The Strip is a stripmall where you’ll find an unassuming storefront that houses The Pinball Hall of Fame. Almost two hundred vintage pinball machines line the room and you can play every single one of them for a quarter, sometimes two.

I’m not a big gamer by any means and I didn’t really play pinball in its heyday, but I loved the feel of these games when I visited PHoF. They’re so…mechanical. Pull the plunger, hit the flippers, watch the steel ball careen around the bumpers. Sure, playing Op-Pop-Pop or Big Flipper for maximum points requires certain strategies and skills, but overall these games have a simplicity and accessibility that allowed even our five year-old to join in easily. Some of the vintage arcade games even had little surprises like the 1950s Silver Dollar Saloon which spit out a gumball when I put in a quarter. Best of all, the owner, Tim Arnold, donates any profits to charity.

Poker championships and blackjack movies aside, Las Vegas is ruled by machines. The plinking, dinging, woop woop of slot and video poker machines make my oldest daughter sigh with happiness after a long trip because that’s the sound of home; they greet us at every rest stop, airport gate, and drugstore in town. But it’s nice to know that we can play us some pinball too.

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16 Responses to GBI: Crazy Flipper Fingers

  1. Kurt Schwind says:

    I love pinball machines. Growing up I knew someone who had one in their house and I always thought that that was the height of good living.

  2. blasterhappy says:

    “Last Place I’d Want to Live: Anyplace lacking basic human rights or basic sanitation. And the Deep South.”

    Being from the Deep South (Louisiana) and context order of this statement I would hope you could elaborate. Thanks.

  3. Topher says:

    I love pinball machines too…so jealous!

    And I’ll elaborate on the Deep South aversion: Fire Ants

  4. David Thiel says:

    I’ll see your fire ants and raise you with abject poverty, Confederate flags and annual hurricanes.

  5. Jeff says:

    I can’t stand living in the south because when I drool on my overalls it’s hard to brush off my whittlings.

  6. blasterhappy says:

    Poverty can be found anywhere in the U.S. especially now with our current economy. What is so offensive about a Confederate flag? It is just a symbol of history. But people just want to keep rehashing the past because they find a flag offensive. Take for example the Maltese Cross which is seen everywhere on print t-shirts sold in your area Wal-Mart or other discount chains. No one really cares about the Symbol but most kids these days don’t know this was the Symbol of an enemy at one time and later became the Iron Cross for higher ranking German Soldiers under Hitler’s command. The symbol in and of itself is not offensive it is what the person viewing it perceives it’s meaning to be. We are not all dumb hicks running around reliving battle field skirmishes. I’m not trying to take Anne’s comments out of context I was just curious. I for one would not like to raise a family in Vegas or near Vegas. I was there several years ago on a business trip and was rather disgusted at the amount of literature promoting caboret, brothels and other suggestive things. It was not at all subdued for children and actually littered the ground all over the city where I was. Guess that is why they call it Sin City. Sorry for the spelling I was a bit rushed.

  7. David Thiel says:

    Poverty by State:

    #1 Mississippi; #2 Louisiana; #5 Texas; #6 Arkansas; #7 Alabama; #10 Tennessee; #11 South Carolina; #12 North Carolina; #14 Georgia. Only Florida was below the national average.

    I’m not going to get into the other thing because Dave has threatened to hack my blog if I do.

  8. Dave says:

    I totally have to hit that museum next time I’m in Vegas. I was never much of a pinball wizard, but I liked playing it some, and marvelling at how the boards were constructed. So that collection is available for the PS2, you say? Hmmm…

  9. Lanf says:

    You people are nuts, the south is awsome! Especially Peru.

  10. Would you care to elaborate on why you felt you had to badmouth my dad?

  11. David Thiel says:

    I should also say that the museum looks awesome. I’m old enough to remember when pinball dominated the arcade rooms of bowling alleys. (In my youth, I spent all too much time in bowling alleys.) I have the Gottlieb pinball collection for the PS2, but I’ve only seen the Williams one once (at the local Best Buy); no one else ’round here seems to stock it.

  12. Blasterhappy says:

    “You people are nuts, the south is awsome! Especially Peru.”

    HAHA! Your right! I lived in Panama for 2 years with several trips to Peru. Great place once you get past the 3rd world/poverty thing.

    “Would you care to elaborate on why you felt you had to badmouth my dad?”

    Huh? Was your Dad Hitler or does he re-live battlefield skirmishes?

  13. “Huh? Was your Dad Hitler?”

    You’re thinking of the old German chain, “Burger Führer,” which is now called “Burger Burger.”

  14. Anne says:

    Wow–who knew that pinball was so controversial? Commenters have done a pretty good job of hashing out both sides so I won’t say much except to admit that my aversion to living in the Deep South is about a logical as visiting the Strip and declaring that one would never live in Vegas. I’m just proud that my entry has elicited as many comments as the kitchen bat.

    Want more? Vote for me! 1-800-BLOGGR2

  15. Blasterhappy says:

    Dem dar is fightin words Anne! Just kidding! Why do I have to be logical that is just too boring. I didn’t like Vegas for the before mentioned and the sand storms. I will have to admit I have only seen the strip and the airport. When I was in the military I went to NTC for training and I kind of associated Vegas with Fort Irwin also. Just thought I needed to defend my stompin’ grounds that is all. I think votes should be by number of commits posted. At least things will be interesting.

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