Running Unopposed

So there’s this trip to Spain coming up at the end of May that we’re really looking forward to. The Time Off From Work has been approved, the airplane tickets are bought, the luggage and accoutrements have been purchased, and the hotel reservations have been thought about being made. So it’s a done deal. We’ll be gone for two weeks, which is a lot of time for this blog to lie dormant. It’s mostly tame now, but two weeks is just enough time for it to revert to its feral nature. As a result, I am bringing in a guest blogger.

But who to choose? My criteria are: the person should not have a blog of their own already. Based on this, I invited five people to try out for the position. Their identities are secret at the moment, but this upcoming week, each of them will present a single “audition post” designed to make you, the readers, vote for that person as the Guest Blogger during the trip. Sound like fun?

Well, here’s the thing: Only ONE of the five has sent in their audition post. So unless four more come in before the end of the day, that person will be the guest blogger by default. Which is fine, that individual is perfectly capable of providing enjoyable and stimulating material while I’m gone. But regarding the other four, it’s not that I’m angry, it’s just that I’m…well…disappointed.

So…either this next week will be Guest Blogging Idol week or it will be more of the usual. The choice is up to those four.

Never in history was so much expected by so many from so few.


I now have four of the five in hand and hopefully the fifth on its way, so GUEST BLOGGER IDOL week will proceed as planned!

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